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Latest Testimonials as @ Saturday, November 28, 2015
Testimonials for Saturday, November 28, 2015   
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Rosario Freire de Jesus, Doctor of Political Marketing - September-01-13



There is a perception that the ‘Traditional Universities’ are the best universities simply because they were the first in the academic market. It is thus widely recognized that they have built a business, a syndicate, a segment of readers and a brand. Notwithstanding this, the downside lies in the duty of care: Preceptors tend to keep aloof from readers and, thereupon: communication, readers’ cognitive performance and the society per se fall apart.


I have thought for a long time that it is of paramount importance to reconcile, on the one hand, the ‘Academic Learning’, which leads to a formal qualification for a credential, with, on the other hand, a ‘Lifelong Learning’: the key to educate the humankind to morality. It is, therefore, heartwarming to know from my pragmatic experience at AIU, that everything there works in a professional manner.


Being a ‘Modern University’ based on a model called in ‘Academic Learning’, andragogy, designed for readers who have already learned how to learn, by means of virtual campus, preceptors, known as coaches are available to a one-to-one guidance, whereby readers create a vision to build a framework that suits their individual needs. As such, my Ph.D. thesis examined ‘The Political Structure and the Marketing for the Antropospherical Sectors of the Angolan Market’.

         In this mix, I would add the outstanding empathy and quality service being offered by the finance and the student service of the ‘Atlantic International University’, as prima facie evidence of a sound democratic institution.

         Central to the position I am holding, at AIU, readers’ motivation to learning on their own pace, using the time wisely and the specific skill creatively to contribute to the wellbeing of the global community, are common benefits to complete the academic program successfully able to create a well paid job.
          I would urge mature students to apply to study one of the subjects offered by the AIU.
                                                    Rosario Freire de Jesus

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» December-12-14 - Charles A Mierkiewicz, Bachelors in Quality Management » First and foremost was the ability to customize my degree program to coincide with my career aspirations and expertise ... [view]
» December-09-14 - Youssif Zaghwani M. Omar, PhD in Linguistics » To sum up, the whole program is wonderful and very beneficial ... [view]
» November-30-14 - Devorah Leah Hurwitz, Bachelor of Psychology » My studies were practical to my particular field giving me a feeling of ownership and empowerment.  ... [view]
» November-23-14 - Reza Omidi Varmezani, PhD in Health Care Administration » The importance of education cannot be measured. Its value is unmatchable.  ... [view]
» November-16-14 - Ram P. Thapaliya, Doctorate in Risk and Disaster Management » This course helped me to develop, conduct and manage high quality and innovative ... [view]
» November-09-14 - Mohammad Gaber El Sayed, Doctor of Business Management » It will be very important for other students to understand better the true meaning of the "AIU" experience ... [view]
» November-01-14 - Moustapha Ibrahim Sambo Diallo, Doctor of Project Management » I want to start by thanking all of the AIU staff for their efforts  ... [view]
» October-28-14 - Anthony Okon Etim, PhD in Environmental Science » I appreciate all the directions and guidance provided by the AIU, which has really assisted in the completion of this programme  ... [view]
» October-19-14 - Suleiman M. S. Agneiber, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering » I found it very interesting and exciting to communicate and interact with tutors and advisors ... [view]
» October-13-14 - Nelson Levim Bruing Maximiano, Master of Economics » I was so pleased studying at AIU that I will soon commence my PhD degree in Finance at AIU ... [view]
» October-05-14 - Clemence James Kapalamula, Master of International Relations » At AIU, students enjoy the freedom of designing their own curriculums and then pursue studies at their own pace and environment of their choice ... [view]
» September-28-14 - Foday Nabay, Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering » I must start by thanking every member of this institution that has in diverse ways helped me achieve my long term goal. ... [view]
» September-13-14 - Nana Mintah Akosah, Masters of Communications » This has broadened my horizon and has lifted my moral as well as many intangible experience  ... [view]
» September-07-14 - Arthur Daudi, Bachelor of Finance » Atlantic International University as a whole needs to be honoured for the fantastic skills that they are imparting to the distance learning students. ... [view]
» August-31-14 - Wellington Garikai Bonga, PhD in Economics » With AIU, learning is done at your own pace, you are linked to cooperative staff, supplied with learning material, allowed to design your curriculum  ... [view]
» August-23-14 - Debra Charles - Rojas, Doctor of Nutrition » To God be the glory! Viola la, I have done it. As of now, I shall have the PhD conferred on me. It has always been my dream ... [view]
» August-17-14 - Luke Makinishi, Bachelor in Labor Studies » My professional studies at AIU were A rare roller coaster experience. Indeed that was ... [view]
» August-10-14 - Stephen Datsomor, Master of Electronic Engineering » AIU has also given me an opportunity to be self discipline in terms of my research assignments without the help of anybody ... [view]
» July-27-14 - KINGSLEY HAPAMBALI, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering » I endeavored to maximize abilities by tapping into all of my potential capabilities ... [view]
» May-14-11 - Katungu Mukelabai, Doctor of Communications » The mode of learning at AIU is attractive and motivating largely because it encourages independency in study and fosters applied research, enabling  ... [view]
» February-05-10 - Cecilia Chinwe Nduaguba, Master of Psychology » Having not experienced this method of learning, other than the traditional lecturer – student adviser method used in Universities of learning,  ... [view]

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