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Atlantic International University is justly proud of its Academic Advisors and Assessors. Their qualifications and expertise allow us to assert that your program will be evaluated by recognized specialists in the discipline, with extensive academic experience. The advisors responsibility is to guide the student through the key steps of the academic program. Following is a partial list of current Advisors/Assessors.


Dr. Edgar Colon,
Academic Advisor

Atlantic International University

 Atlantic International University
 Academic Advisor
 900 Fort Street Mall 40
 United States
 1 800 993 0066
 [email protected]


 Edgar Colon




           With excellent background in the sciences and medicine, Dr. Colon brings exquisite knowledge and insight into the world of Medicine, Radiology and Health Science. He has been honored with the Southwest Asia Service Medal, for his participation in the Persian Gulf War. Among others of his achievements, is his own published Dissertation work; Dr. Colon has contributed with research, in the area of kids with respiratory disease, implementing new perspectives to the field, and study of this area. At AIU, we are proud to have Faculty such as Dr. Edgar Colon, who bring so much input and dedication to our students.


Education/ Special Training:


2004      Atlantic International University, Hawaii, USA

           Doctor of Philosophy,

                        Major in Health Science “Summa Cum Laude”

                        School of Science and Engineering



1998      Medical Science Campus, University of Puerto Rico

           Master in Public Health,

                        Major in Epidemiology



            1992    Bachelor in Health Sciences,

                        Major in Health Services Administration

                        Medical Science Campus, University of Puerto Rico


            1989        Medical Science Campus, University of Puerto Rico

           Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology,


            1999        Medical Science Campus, University of Puerto Rico

           Certificate in Computed Tomography,


             2000    Certificate in Magnetic Resonance Imaging,

                        Medical Imaging Consultant, Inc.





Spanish: Good writing / Good conversation /

English: Good writing / Good conversation /




2005– Present     Atlantic International University

Honolulu, Hi

Academic Advisor


             07-2001- Present Caribbean Central University of Puerto Rico

            Bayamón, Puerto Rico



             11/92 - Present  One Veterans Plaza

            US Veterans Administration Hospital

            San Juan, Puerto Rico

            Radiology Technologist



            07/2001 - Present   Caribbean Central University of Puerto Rico

           Bayamón, Puerto Rico

           Clinical Instructor and Evaluator

           Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

           Certificates Students


            01/2000 - 05/2000 University of the East

            Radiology Technology Program

            Carolina, Puerto Rico


            07/1989 - 11/1992       Pediatric University Hospital

           PR Medical Center

           San Juan, Puerto Rico

           Radiology Technician


            03/1989 - 05/1991   201st. Evacuation Hospital PRANG

            Camp Santiago, Salinas, Puerto Rico

            Patient Administration Specialist      



Awards and Publications:


             1992    Persian Gulf Veteran,

                         Southwest Asia Service Medal,

                         W/2 Bronze Stars


            Continuing Education Program Catalog

            Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico

            Dissertations: Appropriate Uses of Contrast Media in Radiology

                       Security Aspects Related with Magnetic Resonance





            Risk Factors for Hospitalization in Infants with Respiratory 

            Scinsital  Virus Infection, 1999


            Aeroallergen Evaluation in Homes of Asthmatic Children in

            PR, 2000 Investigator,  Dr. José R. Rodríguez Santana, MD, FAAP 


 Other qualifications:



             Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico          

             Continuing Education Program

             Conferences: Basic Principles of Computed Tomography

                                  Basic Principles of Magnetic Resonance

                                  Appropriate Uses of Diagnostic Clinic Imaging 


              Medical Science Campus, University of Puerto Rico

              Continuing Education Program

              Health Allied Professions

              Conference: Appropriate Uses of X-rays, Computed Tomograph

              and Magnetic Resonance Imaging    




               Radiologic Technology Program

               Medical Science Campus, University of Puerto Rico

               Curriculums Designer for the Diagnostic Images Bachelor Degree



              Radiologic Technology Program

              Caribbean Central University of Puerto Rico

              Consultant for the Computed Tomography and Magnetic

              Resonance Certificates

              Consultant for the Diagnostic Images Bachelor Degree Proposal


              Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

              Puerto Rico Council of Higher Education

              Consultant for the Bachelor in Health Sciences with a

              Concentration in Computed Tomography and Magnetic

              Resonance Imaging, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico,

              Ponce PR



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