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Atlantic International University is justly proud of its Academic Advisors and Assessors. Their qualifications and expertise allow us to assert that your program will be evaluated by recognized specialists in the discipline, with extensive academic experience. The advisors responsibility is to guide the student through the key steps of the academic program. Following is a partial list of current Advisors/Assessors.


Felipe Gomez,
Acad Adv/Design Dir

Atlantic International University
Student Services (IT, Finance)

 Atlantinc International University
 Acad Adv/Design Dir
 900 Fort Street Mall 40
 United States
 1 800 993 0066
 [email protected]




Performance and result-driven professional with 15+ years of progressive experience business development, social media engagement, graphic design, public relations, sales and marketing, purchasing, and customer service. Highly organized, independent and efficient in fast-paced multitasking environments; able to manage multiple responsibilities and prioritize effectively to accomplish objectives. Enthusiastic problem-solver with keen ability to rapidly assess diverse situational challenges, develop action plans, turn ideas into logical strategies, and implement systems that optimize productivity and increase bottom line.

                                                                                             SKILLS HIGHLIGHTS


? Bilingual – Spanish and English; proficient interpersonal communicator who is adept at speaking effectively, writing concisely, as well as negotiating, expressing, interpreting knowledge and ideas. 

? Exhibit expertise in growing and engaging audiences through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, YouTube. 

? Proficient in Microsoft Office COI, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, Page Maker, Internet Explorer, Corel Draw, Windows OS, MICROS, Dreamweaver, HTML Wordpress, Joomla,

? Highly skilled in managing PBX systems.

? Ability to use analytical thinking, social listening and extensive experience in corporate and retail.

? Outstanding leadership, motivational, and time management skill with attention to details. 

? Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work with various personalities and adapt to work styles. 

                                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager                          March 2010 – Present

Andragogy International Inc., North Miami Florida USA              

? Implement strategy and design for marketing and social media campaign such as Google ads, promotions, posters and web site maintenance.

? Accurately prepare reports as required to measure business progress in sales department.

? Utilize social media to increase user engagement, enhance brand awareness and attract new customer base.

? Collaborate and maintain close relationships with clients to achieve the best possible business goals.

? Administer company branding via social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

? Perform administrative duties such as shipping documentation, consulate and authentication of graduate documents, bookkeeping, VOIP phones order set up and management, LAN Managing and Setup. 

? Consistently praised for the quality and timelines of reports, attention to detail, exemplary customer service delivery and team-player attitude

Food & Beverage Sales Department Intern.                                             Jan. 2009 – Jan. 2010

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida USA

? Utilized well-defined goal in performing administrative duties, including organizing schedules for workers, kitchen supplies, office inventory and sales calls.

? Provided executive support to the executive team in developing marketing strategy for organization development

? Courteously listened to client/customer inquiries and analyzed problems to offer prompt resolutions to sustain client/customer loyalty and business.

Sales & Purchasing Graphic Design Assistant (Freelance)                                                   March 2005 – Dec. 2009

 Comercializadora de soluciones prácticas, S.A. DE C.V

? Managed and oversaw poster designs, POPS, logos, promotional material for restaurants, law offices, corporate identity and organizing events in Mexico City.

? Purchased and managed computer equipment from different suppliers and resold it to generate profit for the company.

Traffic, shipping and office assistant                June 2005 – Feb. 2006

Agencia Aduanera De América S.A C.V.

? Developed Schlumberger account in a timely manner while getting all merchandise out of customs.

? Improved and sustained relationship with our client in Germany for bargain price and fastest shipping.

? Tracked orders and filed out all the legal forms, collaboratively worked with team member to release shipping from customs.

? Provided company special attention and information as an implant in headquarters in Mexico City.

Leader Project Assistant             June 2003 – March 2005

Asociación De Ingenieros Petroleros De México, A.C

? Coordinated and designed posters, flyers for events and conventions in different parts of Mexico.

? Redesigned monthly magazine and all warning signs in buildings. 

? Established procedures for ensuring accurate coordination of schedules and meetings which increased productivity and reduced overtime.

Marketing and Sales Staff, Part Time Job                                                            May 2000 – Jan. 2002

Sony Vaio México.

? Trained and developed how to operate Sony exclusive software.

? Utilized excellent communication skill to negotiate with managers of different stores such as Office Depot, Office Max, Costco, Sears, Liverpool, El Palacio de Hierro in other to exhibit product, new promotions, POP, Sony events organization, staff marketing.

? Participated in sales of updated Vaio as a whole new brand in computers and solutions for their needs.

? Achieved positioning of Sony VAIO as one of the TOP brands in the market, giving our customers reasons and trust Sony as a computer developer.




Master’s in Business and Marketing

                                                    UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE DE MÉXICO (UVM); 2001 – 2006

Bachelor of International Business 

                                                                    CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS LOMAS. 1997 – 2000

 Bachelor in Graphic Design

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