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Atlantic International University is justly proud of its Academic Advisors and Assessors. Their qualifications and expertise allow us to assert that your program will be evaluated by recognized specialists in the discipline, with extensive academic experience. The advisors responsibility is to guide the student through the key steps of the academic program. Following is a partial list of current Advisors/Assessors.


Olga C. Fontes,
Academic Advisor

Atlantic International University

 Atlantic International University
 Academic Advisor
 United States
 [email protected]

Olga C. Fontes


            Olga is an Academic Advisor at AIU. She is a very hard worker, and she always gives her best. These qualities make her the perfect fit for our students, because her passion is to help the students in following their dream of continuing an education. We are very proud to have Olga as part of our team of advisors.


Education/ Special Training:


            Atlantic International University

            Honolulu, HI

            Bachelor of Business Administration


            University of Maryland

College Park, MD

            Undergraduate Studies          

o   GFEBS L453E Purchase Orders and Contracts, November 2011

o   Army Readiness Assessment Program, October 2011

o   Annual DoD Information Assurance Awareness Exam, May 2011

o   GFEBS L250E Acquisition Process Overview, January 2011

o   GFEBS L251E Accounts Payable Process Overview, January 2011

o   GFEBS L483 Order Execution, January 2011

o   GFEBS L281E Project Systems Process Overview, January 2011

o   GFEBS L482E Creating and Processing Work Notifications, January 2011

o   GFEBS L280E Plant Maintenance Process Overview, January 2011

o   GFEBS L454E Goods Receipt Processing, January 2011

o   GFEBS L452E Purchase Requisitioning and Approval Workflow, January 2011

o   Awareness Training, October 2010

o   GFEBS L101E GFEBS Overview, November 2010

o   GFEBS L303E Navigation and Reports, December 2010

o   GFEBS L201E Integrated Process Overview, December 2010

o   DoD Information Assurance Awareness, May 2010

o   WAWF – Wide Area Workflow, February 2010

o   DoD Information Assurance Awareness, April 2009

o   WNSF – Portable Electronic Devices and Removable Storage Media, April 2009

o   WNSF – Safe Home Computing Course, April 2009

o   WNSF – Personally Identifiable Information (PII) course, April 2009

o   PRWeb Acquiline, January 2009

o   Annual Refresher PII Training, January 2009

o   Operation Excellence Front Line Employees Program Course, November 2008

o   Computer User Test, May 2008

o   DoD Awareness Assurance Awareness, April 2008

o   Information Assurance Refresher Training, July 2007







English: Good Writing/ Good Conversation

French: Good Writing / Good Conversation

German: Good Writing / Good Conversation

Portuguese: Good Writing / Good Conversation

            Spanish: Good Writing / Good Conversation




Work/Volunteer Experience:



Atlantic International University

Honolulu, Hi

            Academic Advisor


       U.S. Army


            Ordering Officer



Ansbach, Germany

       Family Housing Quarters Inspector



 Ansbach, Germany

 Sports Assistant and Customer Service



 Ansbach, Germany

 Child Care Educator

 Airport Funchal

       Madeira, Portugal

       Customer Service Assistant


       Antonio Clemente,  Lda.

       Funchal, Madeira

       Accountant & Bookeeper



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