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Tegbe Richmond Enyonam, Master of Science - October-27-2013
The programme is very good for working professionals


The Atlantic International University is a safe haven for serious but busy professionals who want higher degrees. When I enrolled a little over two years ago for my Masters Programme I entertained a lot of fears especially concerning time and money for the course. I was very glad when my tutor helped me developed the course content and flexible time for submitting assignments. The most important part was when I was given the opportunity to select courses and contents that meet my professional goals. My tutors and advisors continuously encouraged me throughout the process. They suggested a lot of optional courses to me. This also helped me to built-up a lot of credits for the programme.

The speed at which assignments were marked and graded was supersonic. No matter the volume of the assignment, it was graded within forty-eight hours. The tutors after grading gave praises where it was due and advised or suggested alternative ways to making it better when necessary. The system also automatically monitored progress of students and kept on reminding me when I failed to submit my assignments on time. It really helped me to stay on course.

The other very important factor that really helped me complete this course is about the flexibility in payment of tuition fee. The total fee for the entire course was quite huge as far as my finance was concern. When I pleaded for reduction, I was granted about 40% scholarship. In addition to this generous offer, I was given a flexible monthly payment terms. I even defaulted in paying on time occasionally but I was not penalized but rather encouraged and given time to pay.

The challenges I faced were mainly poor internet connectivity and access to course materials. In my part of the world, having access to fast and regular internet do not come easy. I bought internet modem for the programme but its speed depends on the weather conditions. Cloudy weather means no internet connectivity. It made it very difficult for me to watch online video conferences and accessing the online library. Uploading assignment was also very difficult. The second difficulty I had was with accessing course materials. I have to fish out for most of the materials myself. The poor internet services aggravated the problem. I would have wished my tutor supplied most of the materials to me.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The programme is very good for working professionals. It is very flexible in terms of time needed and payment terms. The student is given free hand to add optional courses that have the potential to enhancing ones professional career. 

I wish to recommend that those of us from developing countries with bad internet connectivity be helped with course materials mailed by post. I wish to also recommend that those of us who completed our courses be given opportunity to mentor and also supervise new applicants from our localities.

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