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Cleopatra Shingirai Matanhire - Mutisi, Doctorate in Taxation - November-4-2013
The joy experienced upon completion of my degree with AIU cannot be su



It is with sincere gratitude that I write this letter as a testimony to the kindness of the AIU team. During the course of completion of my Doctoral degree I have found the support and encouragement of the staff, nothing short of profound. At each turn in the road towards this point they have guided and instructed me with compassion and I have no doubt in my mind that my success felt like it was their success. 

The opportunity to create a curriculum that met my specific needs was an intimidating task but a creative process that encouraged my personal growth. Each component was directly related to the end product of my thesis. The focus on androgenic learning encourages the student to take control of their own learning. This process allows the student to work at their own pace (within general time strategies) but also allowed me to create deadlines that suit my own timetable. This has the advantage of allowing me to ‘fast-track’ their learning with additional personal pressure being self-imposed. 

 The major advantage of a self-generated curriculum is the sheer excitement upon the commencement of each component and the passion with which one ‘attacks’ one’s work. The quantity of work required to complete a doctoral degree cannot be underestimated but the team at AIU did a fantastic job of gently pushing me to give more of myself to their studies. As a student, I reached a point where I felt that my own work is a reflection of my advisors and tutor, and as such I had the tendency to push myself harder to produce exceptional work than you may have ordinarily done.

Amid all the challenges, through thick and thin - I managed to stand my ground and stick to my personal goals and completed my studies. With hindsight, I can say proudly that the decision to invest in my personal development through studies remains one of the best decisions that I ever made. The qualifications obtained through my studies, cemented my knowledge of the subject such that I can now contribute to the development of my community in a more positive way. My analytical skills improved for the better.

The joy experienced upon completion of my degree with AIU cannot be suitably expressed in words; thank you for making this dream a reality especially for “ A girl Child” from a third world where most woman are not part of the Executives in government and private sector., I owe you my deepest gratitude. Thank you AIU for making me stand up among other woman and be counted!!

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