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Mudenge Diogene - November-14-2013
This letter reflects my study experience during the two and half years
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AIU Study Experience Letter

This letter reflects my
study experience during the two and half years spent in the AIU Telecommunications
Doctorate Program. The first thought which comes into my mind is to confidently
affirm and confirm that the AIU’s vision: “The empowerment of the individual through
self-learning to achieve the convergence evolution of the World, through a
holistic and tenable design based on andragogy and omniology
” is indeed
what has made AIU one of few leading distance learning educational institutions
which make a real impact on the current World’s development.

First and foremost, I would
say that it is not the degree that makes a great person, rather it is the person
that makes the degree great. A person’s reputation depends much on his or her
professional career and achievements. It also depends on a good education the
individual has acquired, such as firmly oriented university like AIU.
Companies all over the World are adopting more employment criteria
that is driven by the candidate’s know-how, capacity and ability to solve
problems, and other practical skills, and less on the university degrees
that people hold.

As a firm believer in “a
healthy body needs a healthy brain” (or the other way around), I have decided,
a long time ago to adhere to “Life Long Learning”. It was certainly not for the
sake of a career, or the search of an additional title. What triggered my will
and determination was the quest to contribute to this wonderful World we live

After finishing two master’s
degrees, I wanted a Doctorate program that was: (a) affordable, which includes
‘not requiring obsolete residency
periods’; (b) online, so I could do my research via the Internet; (c) flexible
enough to allow me to write a dissertation that could/would be published and
thus read. Only AIU met every one of my requirements. I wrote my thesis sitting at
home. I didn’t have to fly around the planet to sit in laboratories. I did
everything through books and the internet where all the sources/references I needed
were found.

I have fallen in love with
AIU since registering for my Doctorate program for three reasons. Firstly, AIU
is highly helpful to students with limited financial capacity. It is not out of
place to state that AIU tuition fees in respect of their various programs are
affordable and reasonable. Secondly, AIU programs are flexible and customized.
Over the years, I have been searching for a University, where I could study for
a Doctorate degree and at the same time keep my current job. AIU has offered me
this opportunity. Thirdly, AIU assessment criteria takes into consideration the
experience as well as the various writings and publications of its students.
This is a highly commendable and constructive step. I will forever remain
grateful to the authority of AIU for creating alternative opportunities for
those who cannot easily leave their current full time jobs for the purpose of

Since I was looking for
flexibility, value for money, high quality organization and professionalism, I
found all these attributes in the AIU offered degrees. The possibility to
pursue a doctorate program, where I could read, study and write at my own pace,
and balance my time between full-time work, study and my personal life, thereby
practicing time management and self-discipline was paramount to my career

I have learned so much, and
the flexibility of time allowed me to delve into my areas of interest. It is
nice that as a student, one has time to reflect on the information in the
textbooks available. The program was so flexible—with flexible time to finish
an assignment, that I was able to enjoy the “herculean” tasks of seriously
delving into the subject matter that I am interested in learning. I was able to
accomplish my research goals because of the flexibility of time that offers me
the time to also use other quality textbooks, and other recent, leading
scientific information. Due to AIU’s flexibility and progressive learning
style, I was able to surpass obstacles and increase my quality of learning in
an efficient, productive manner that appeals to my lifestyle. I am still
learning so incredibly much.

The AIU learning education
system is what one makes out of it, and I find it quite advanced in that one
can modify it to one’s personal learning goals and time constraints. Now, as I
am being congratulated, I realized that I can easily incorporate important
concepts such as Telecom Business models to my environment. And, this is because
of the flexibility of time that allows one to really study. I am just learning
more and more, and in a very productive way. I am very satisfied that I
made great development in career building, and benefited from my Curriculum
Design developed courses. I have to say that if I did not join AIU; my
dreams would still remain dreams and I would not see the light.

As a whole, my studying
experience at AIU was a pleasant one. AIU has definitely more than satisfied my
expectations. In the beginning of the program, I asked if AIU would help me to
decide the title of my doctorate thesis. AIU showed me through their “Andragogy
and omniology” methods that the reading and studying from the books’ experience
will definitely suggest me the best thesis topic. Indeed, so it has been. The
more I immersed myself in my studies, the clearer did it become what the thesis
would be.

My experience with AIU was
indeed very rewarding. Working with my advisors was great throughout my
assignments. They constituted an inspiration to my spirit and encouragement to
complete one of my life’s goals set when I had first entered the university two
and half years ago. Keeping my job’s responsibilities and having succeeded from
my studies and hard work, I have grown in confidence and mental abilities. My
mind was not confined to traditional classes and limited experiences. From the
use of the Internet our time has come to expand our minds into far reaches
where there is no limit. Like an old Chinese proverb: “Seek not to find answers
but seek to understand the questions”, AIU provided me the ability to
accomplish this as ongoing in my quest for knowledge.

Coming again to my
experience with AIU, I would simply say that the set up offered by the
university helped me to reflect on my experience through studies. After having
worked in the Telecom Industry for quite a long time, I started thinking about
a Doctorate program which will reflect my experience baggage. Fortunately, I
found AIU, which took my experience background into account. I started the
Doctorate program in May 2011 with a comprehensive “Curriculum Design”
framework which laid the basis for my further work. After an intensive and
interesting ‘learning phase”, during which I was constantly reading many books
and scientific papers, I started to work on my thesis concerning “A Cost
Efficient African Network”. Thanks to the useful help of my advisors, I
finished the work in due time and proudly received congratulations. I am very
proud for having successfully finished the AIU Doctorate program. Even more
important is the fact that the education I got through AIU helped me to change
and develop my professional career in a way I always wanted.

I would indeed confirm that
I had a great time studying with AIU. They stood by their words in every aspect
of the program. Every e-mail and every call has been handled swiftly and
professionally. I am very satisfied with the services and education received.
My experience with AIU is great and its echoes will go on and on in my life as a
Telecom/ICT Profession. I feel very proud to be one of AIU’s Elite Alumni.

Now that I have completed
the Telecom Doctorate Program, I have gained much more confidence in myself and
I feel that I am ready for all kind of challenges in Telecom Industry. AIU is a
great opportunity for many people still fighting to work and study. It is not
only the Certificate that I will soon receive but I have learned a lot  and I am learning many thanks to myself
due to the habit of reading that I gained through the program. Now that I
believe that we all have the capacity to achieve things that seems to be harder
to get, through the help of AIU, I would recommend everyone to enroll at AIU
programs. It is the best. Well done to AIU on the steady progress that the university
is making. It is indeed a great honor to be included among AIU’s Alumni.

AIU is earning more
credibility and playing an important role to provide a wonderful opportunity to
adults across the globe, in particular, to the countries that have no access
and less chances to proceed with their education than in Developed Worlds such as
Europe, US and other parts of the World. We are enormously happy seeing us
undergone and finished our education in such a prestigious university seeking
to serve as the knowledge-based world’s leader.

Surely and undoubtedly,
this AIU Telecommunications’ Doctorate is an added value. It added to me
respect by colleagues, as my views are now articulated better and more
convincing. I am therefore hoping that other doors of opportunities will be
opened to me and only the sky will be the limit. Reality is what we take to be
true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon
our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look
for depends upon what we think. What we think depends upon what we perceive.
What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we
take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.
This is a real
package I am taking back from AIU family.

Many colleagues ask me where
I got my doctorate and how long it took, as well as the costs. I told them that
I chose AIU because I was planning to open my own business. Therefore, I wanted
to acquire knowledge more than just acquiring a doctorate certificate. I was very much
interested in doing research in Telecom Industry Development. AIU’s program was
perfect for what I wanted to do. I just wanted to thank AIU for giving me the
chance to be part of their organization. Studying in AIU has been a delight
from the start till the end.

My Colleagues, Friends,
Family and I have experienced total transformation in me, in the way and manner
I critically analyze issues in general and in particular my Telecom/ICT
Profession. The step I took is a journey less travelled by many but I have
realized that, like many other people, I have huge potentials untapped awaiting
to blossom like a Rose Flower. AIU has enabled me realize my life time dream of
getting a relevant Doctorate Degree and then become a role model to others who
have a humble background like me. In spite of past challenges, the future
remains spotless equally for all. I am now in a position to sow seeds of
success onto others and make my contribution in human life using the
appropriate skills, knowledge and education befitting the current dynamic
World, earned through the AIU Distance Learning Program.

My efforts and ambition in
search for new knowledge has been adequately answered and this has opened a new
horizon in my career and life, and I can now work competently anywhere in the
World and make a well valued contribution in human endeavors. However, above
all, I thank almighty GOD for the good health and the wisdom to choose AIU
because of its flexibility and rich Curriculum Design Method which rides on the
strength of simplicity. For this, I am very happy and proud that I am a
graduate of AIU. I will always use the useful and professional information
that AIU provided to me. Thanks to the entire AIU Support Team.

Now that I have written my
Doctorate Thesis, I would like to take this opportunity to thank AIU for all
that it has given me during my years of study. I am reflecting on what I am
writing in this letter and believe that it is not the words and sentences in
the books that I have studied that have created the interest in me to study but
rather it is the way that AIU has influenced me to look for the deeper
truth in the books which I read. That part of my studies is now officially
behind me but my studies will always be a part of me. For this I am grateful to the
AIU vision!

Let me thank the entire AIU
Team for always being dedicated and willing to help in all imaginable forms and
aspects. Flexible tuition, a tailored program through the Curriculum Design
Concept, and most generous time frames – these are only few of the most
outstanding aspects readily offered by AIU. I do warmly recommend AIU to
everyone willing to and ready for a new learning experience, extremely
efficient and offside the traditional paths. I take also this opportunity to
thank my Advisors and Tutors for their professional and timely correspondence
and excellent support throughout my program. During the last two and half
years, I really enjoyed the AIU innovative method of studying.

The AIU University has been
so flexible, co-operative and supportive that I enjoyed the learning
experience. I am already giving my word of mouth to a lot of people here in
Rwanda about my great experience with AIU, and of course I would be honored to
give my testimony, as an aged adult who, with the help of AIU, was able to make
it. Again I am thanking you for your human and friendly touch with the
students, who though are far away in distance, you always make us feel as
close as can be. My very best regards and appreciation to the entire AIU Team.

This letter aimed to talk
about my AIU Study Experience. So, to me, doing what I did with AIU was the
biggest accomplishment in my life. I am pleased to be part of AIU's rich
educational experience. AIU plays a very important role in Global Education and
has changed the lives of many people around the World. If you direct people to the
AIU Website, they see what AIU offers and they are usually wondering about
the student's self-discipline, self-starter, self-actualizing etc. This is the
most key secret of AIU’s success.

Finally, I would say that
AIU has been very responsive to all questions that I had. I am very happy to
write this testimony statement. I once again thank AIU. The AIU Distance
learning Program is a fantastic adventure rich of pleasure and knowledge that I
invite everyone seeking knowledge and self-discipline experience. Never
hesitate to refer my recommendation to any person who wants to attend AIU
programs. I wish more success to AIU and God bless you.






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