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Kelly Higgins - November-15-2013
In March of 2009 I concluded an overseas work assignment on a contract
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13 November, 2013

RE: My experience with Atlantic International University

To whom it may concern.

In March of 2009 I concluded an overseas work assignment on
a contract in Nigeria in Project Management and returned to my adopted home in
Thailand, I am an American by birth, and to my wife and friends. As an income
source while in Thailand, I occasionally worked as an English teacher and I
decided to use some of the funds I had amassed working on my last contract to
start my own business, a private language school that would offer English and a
host of other foreign languages to primarily Thai clients.

Starting my own business was a fair challenge but my Thai
wife was extremely savvy and that helped to make the whole endeavor a success.
In time I became rather bored with the operation of the language school and
sought greater challenges. Having held an MBA since 1994 and having had a lot
of experience in Project Management, I decided to take a 2-pronged approach to
furthering my studies. I first studied for and obtained my certification as a
Program Management Professional, PgMP, and enrolled in a PhD program at AIU.

I was in my mid 40s and had a great deal of both
professional experience and prior academic instruction. As one of only about
500 PgMPs in the world at that time, I had already established myself as an
expert in the field and saw a PhD as a further enhancement to broaden that
accomplishment. There are numerous schools throughout the world who have
programs in Project Management but few, if any, that have the higher
certification in Program Management so why not marry the two efforts together. AIU’s
Andragogic approach to education was ideal for this. They recognized the
uniqueness of my PgMP qualification and awarded me a decent amount of credit
for the achievement. The allowed me to design my PhD in business to include the
specialization “Program Management” along with International Business. 2-years
later, I am now a PhD.

I am now extremely well-balanced in my credentials and work
history to begin going after the highest level positions in international
projects. I was able to do all of this while maintaining a healthy balance with
my family life, professional career and the operation of my private business
all conducted while earning the AID degree.

I would not recommend AIU to the very young college
education seeker, or to someone with little or no practical experience. I would recommend it to a more
seasoned professional, or aspiring professional, and it is a very rewarding and
flexible approach. You must be much more than precocious to work a program like
this but I would wholeheartedly recommend it if you believe, as I always have,
that the person front and center responsible for your own higher education is
you. At AIU you don’t simply earn your degree but rather you own
your degree. They serve as facilitators and guides.

My best wishes to them for their assistance and my best
wishes to you if you wish to try them.



Kelly Eugene Higgins, PhD, PgMP

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