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Brenda Bwalya - November-20-2013
I am Brenda Bwalya, a former student with an Identity Number UB21998SC
Added by:Brenda Bwalya, Bachelors of Science

I am Brenda Bwalya, a former student with an Identity Number UB21998SCO30215, in the school of Science and Engineering and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.   

From the time I was enrolled until graduation, I have had a magnificent opportunity studying at this University. I actually received a warm welcome by the admission counselor, all my tutors, advisors and not forgetting the financial office, who were very understanding in terms of payments. I should have graduated in 2014, but to my incredulity, I received an email from my school that prompted me to work extra hard to even finish my program this year, 2013.

I feel blessed and honored to be connected to AIU, because it is a great contentment for me to attain a Bachelor’s degree program in the field of Engineering. I have had dreams to achieve this for so long, until I was attached to this university that my vision was fulfilled. I learnt a lot of things both intellectually and academically. Apart from the engineering studies, as part of the lessons, I also learnt a great deal even from the other books like the one written by Muhammad Yunus, “Building Social Business” and “Creating a New Civilization through Social Entrepreneurship” by Patrick U, Petit.

I enjoy solving problems moreover; I had been fascinated reading their books for entrepreneurship- a kind of business devoted to solving social, economic, and environmental problems that have long plagued the human race. Indeed it is a university where you feel empowered even in the social business world.

I can therefore, assure you that, with the added skills that I have gained from AIU, I will utilize my utmost good faith to create a positive and tremendous environment in my community and the nation of Zambia at large. I now know the different workmanship skills to apply in my IT Company for the desired revenue to be attained and how to motivate people in order to empower them. Thank you so much for the knowledge and skills that I acquired during my connection with AIU.

I wish AIU, God’s blessings in all your endeavors.


Yours Faithfully


Brenda Bwalya







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