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Gonpo Pelral, Master of International Relations - November-24-2013
I would like to tell to future AIU students that distant-learning is v

I joined AIU on Dec 28, 2012 for a program in Master’s Degree in International Relation. During the last one year I underwent one of the busiest times in my life, yet a very important one. It was a great experience to simultaneously manage different works at the same time. But I don’t think I alone did these successfully. AIU staffs, God, and my wife all contributed greatly for this accomplishment.

To be honest, Dr. Frank Valcin tops the list. I would like to say that Dr. Valcin’s book on Curriculum Design was phenomenal. It was eye opener for me and I developed trust with AIU. At the initial stage at AIU, I was struggling to write assignment due to my limited knowledge and also due to my daily works. But AIU helped me rediscover my academic skills which I left some 15 years before. For this, I especially would like to thank my Advisor Dr. Valcin, Advisor Dawn, Tutor Ofelia and Tutor Edward. I also would like to say thanks AIU for their prompt responses and useful suggestion. Thanks also to all other staffs behind the scene who have worked whole heartedly for our program at AIU.

I also would like to say thanks god that I did this program while in Bhutan and here the electricity and internet is uninterrupted; because in some parts of India, electricity and internet are causing problem to our studies especially for those doing online program like us. I was able to work in the AIU online library whenever I need to study on a specific topic and AIU online library has plenty to offer. Besides AIU library, I am also thankful to other various free resources available through internet.

Finally, I would like to say to AIU to forgive where ever I made mistake and hurt your feelings.  

Last but not the least; our student page was the most impressive where we can screen and send our assignment, corresponds with our Advisor, Academic section, and Tutor.  

I would like to tell to future AIU students that distant-learning is very interesting, pleasurable and exciting; so work hard and keep working hard always. 

God bless us all.

I remain,

Gonpo Pelral

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