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Kelvin Musonda Chisanga, BBA in Marketing - December-15-2013
I therefore recommend anyone wanting to be successful in their educati

I wish to write this, in recommending Atlantic International University for their putative support rendered to me during my time with this university. First and foremost, am very much delighted and grateful indeed having the opportunity to study at one of the highest online recommendable schools based in the USA.

I had known AIU for quite sometimes but I never took much of my time knowing how great this university can be, not until at a time I started releasing the great importance that education plays in facilitating capacity building at work and in the professional circles having been exposed to eight (8) African countries in the region and generally school to me started mattering the most in my industry as a regional key manager for ATS Group, a company offering hospitality services and operating in 13 African countries.

Over the years I started developing great interests in knowing how online education has shaped, developed and helped many people on both professional and personal levels into full established individual aspect especially for business and management areas being my then elements of concern. I saw this aspect attached with a lot of discipline, responsibility and professional accuracy.

Am glad to say that AIU Team has made me a different person shaped in reasoning with a different system and attachment, the university has really made me to be an intelligent and vivacious individual to work with any industry. 

AIU Team has been very sincere in carrying out each individual assignment on my student portfolio and all I can say is that the university is truly blessed with such a strong team development spirit and calibre exhibited during my time with them. I personally wish appreciate Dr. Valcin and Dr. Erick for your ingenious minds.

 I also wish to thank most sincerely Gordon Esses and Ofelia among others, I have learnt something very new from networking with different people having different values and reasoning abilities that at times I was challenged to work extra hard to catch up with such demands and today I can safely say that I have all the instincts of what takes to be a good manager or business administrator because of the strong input I received from AIU Team work and university management, I thank you for your efforts especially from Tutor, Advisors, Student Services and Finance departments. 

However, I have taken up this team work spirit learnt from AIU with many keen interests in championing business administration lessions and techniques to apply in my professional development. I wish to inform you that am now handling marketing and business development activities for two different companies doing totally different services altogether where am also sitting on the board of directors for one of the two companies operating in 4 African Countries.  This company where I sit on the board has for more than 10 years been offering ICT solutions to the key industries in the SADC region, this IT Company has been an outstanding firm and very integrated in the nation of Zambia. The outfit is also instrumental in the provision of ICT solutions with independent expertise in Computer Hardware, Software and any other related ICT requirements.

I therefore recommend anyone wanting to be successful in their educational career path to consider engaging with AIU, this university has a good value prospect for career development in all areas of educational interest.

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