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Mpho Chingapane, Bachelors in Legal Studies - December-30-2013
My experience with AIU has been beneficial in the sense that it has op



It has been one of my most amazing experience to study in AIU, I have learned a lot and I have found an identity in life of who I am and what I aspire…AIU has taught me to present arguments, to present a case and make convincing arguments, simply AIU specialises in creating writers, readers and innovative individuals, it compels one to reach far deep in his intellectual strength and push further.

I had dreams of finding a job but AIU has shown me that, we don’t study only to work we study to create jobs, to create a platform for someone to work, we study for self-realisation. We study to become masters of our fate. The benefits of studying at AIU is its flexible times one can even work afterhours…I have had the benefit of meeting AIU students and graduate online and we share materials and knowledge we debate and discuss issues that contribute massively to our academic progress.

The reputation of AIU is one to be admired whether or not one has considered enrolling on AIU, because the institution itself is a modern base for academic developments, the freedom of choosing courses and modules gave me much passion to dedicate to my is motivated to study in an institution that is always up-to-date with everything.

My experience with AIU has been beneficial in the sense that it has opened up many opportunities for me, I have an improved chance of finding a job and becoming a writer, I have had the opportunity to study political books and learn how to write and establish evidence.AIU has given me the platform to study many books, lot of references and material in their online library, the special thing about this library is it has almost any book, from history,politics,philosophy,e.t.c I found myself spending the whole nights reading countless books.

The other thing about AIU is that it is a breeding ground for leaders, for visionaries for strategic thinkers, besides the point that politicians, and other influential figures have had the chance to come out of AIU.students are compelled to think and offer suggestive and critical implementation in analysis and research, which reflect greatly that all that they do is because of where they simple term AIU is an intellectual development institution, a new abode for modern intellects.

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