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Christopher Kapasa, PhD in Renewable Energy - January-10-2016
AIU has the best Academic Staff who are genuinely interested in seeing

A search on internet for a University that could offer me an opportunity to complete my Master of Science (MSc.) Degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering led me to discover Atlantic International University (AIU). This was at a point when I lost contact with my thesis project supervisor for my MSc, Degree with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. Though I successfully completed the MSc Degree, the preliminary contact I made with the AIU had left a lasting impression on me. The commitment exhibited by the Admission Counsellor in terms of emails and making international phone calls to me in an effort to clarify and clear all my doubts and concerns was remarkable. I remember once mentioning the Advisor that if the same care and concern shown to me was the also being shown to students, then AIU should be a kind of university that everyone would wish to enrol with.

When I completed my MSc. Degree program, I immediately contacted my AIU Admission Advisor on the possibility of enrolling for a Doctorate Degree and not a Master of Science Degree that I had earlier enquired on. The guidance on how to make the application was immediately given, and without wasting time I submitted my application. To my total surprise, a Letter of Admission to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Renewable Energy was issued to me within three (3) working days of submitting my application. After paying my enrolment fee, I found myself allocated a Tutor and later an Advisor, and Phase I assignments were uploaded to my AIU Virtual Campus Student Section.

I was able to complete all my Phase I assignments on time and it was so impressive to see the Academic Progress made under the Student Section. Phase II was, admittedly, not as easy as Phase I was and it was disheartening to see the stagnation of my Academic Progress. The development of my curriculum and doing the subsequent assignments was slow due to a number of reasons, such as, the additional responsibilities I was given at the office, some challenges at home and the challenge of adapting to andragogy way of education after having done all my previous learning under the pedagogy way of education. However, my Tutor was always at hand through phone calls and emails to support, encourage and help me make progress.

In conclusion, I would like to state that based on my experience, AIU has the best Academic Staff (Academic Counsellors, Tutors, Advisors, etc.) who are genuinely interested in seeing the students succeed, the best online library for all academic specializations, and unlimited possibilities for human development and initiative. AIU is a University I would recommend anyone who wishes to pursue tertiary education to choose. Who knew that I would one day obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) qualification? Thanks to AIU who has made it possible!

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