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Matthew LeBlanc, Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations - March-6-2016
The experience at the Atlantic International University has been an ex
The experience at the Atlantic International University has been an extraordinary one indeed. I
immediately fell in love with the institution from my first day of simply enquiring about the Doctor of
Philosophy Degree in International Relations. The staff who in addition to emailing me, made several
calls to my work telephone and my mobile phone even after not getting through on numerous
occasion. This to me, was indeed more than just a marketing gesture. It communicated to me
something about the AIU which is unique; A deep commitment to meeting the needs of anyone with
interest in enhancing themselves through education. The humility of the staff and tutors have been
very humbling and admirable. You are made to feel part of a family and given assurances that are
within themselves a total package of motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

The availability of information on enrolment as well as complete and clear explanations as to how to
access online libraries as well as explore and make full use of the online facilities are really impressive
and highly encouraging to me. These ensure that I felt as though I was in a real university setting with
all the physical elements. The virtual space has a real connection with students that make you feel
that you are constantly in an academic, scientific and social environment. The course details were
clearly stated including assistance in fees and all modes of paying for my program. An interesting
aspect of this was the fact that from the very beginning, you are guided in making commitments
regarding the timelines of your studies without any administrative pressures. The fact that my studies
was well organized in clear phases was really phenomenal.

The Campus site is really active and updated constantly. I liked quite a lot the fact that one could have
a visual experience through photographs and videos of so many activities including graduation among
others. These served as a stimulus for me while pursuant of my programme and made the experience
an AIU really an awesome one. The choices of assignments for seminars and references to recent
publications and books made me see the scientific world and research experience in a totally new
light. Indeed I was exposed to some of the best modern day written books and publications on
International Studies both political and economic as well as business. The most intriguing experience
at AIU was the fact that when the going got tough with me and illness and excess of work at my office
became an impediment to my studies, the institution never abandoned me. I was assigned a new tutor
who continued working with me to guide and advise me and ensure that I could take advantage of all
the opportunities that presented themselves to enable me to complete my work and finalise my
studies. For this I will be eternally grateful to the AIU.

Finally I honestly believe that the institution provides a perfect opportunity for persons all over the
world to realise their dream and obtain a decent education in an excellent environment at a
reasonable cost. I would strongly recommend The AIU for the many hundreds of thousands of students
and young people are all over the world seeking a good education at an affordable price without
having to totally abandon their job or country. Thank God and thank you AIU. Long live the AIU!!.

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