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Joseph T. Nyunkor, Bachelor of Sociology - March-13-2016
Today marks a very historical day in my life and therefore want to use

Today marks a very historical day in my life and therefore want to use this opportunity to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to the faculty of AIU for granting me the opportunity to enrollment in her University and for enhancing my academic and professional sojourn to obtain a bachelor’s degree today in sociology.

At the entry of studies with AIU, I observed that the university has a very strong system of following-up interested candidates for enrollment through their admission Counselors which was strongly initiated by  and completed by  Rosario Villar (Admission Counselor) who continuously follow-up and encouraged my enrollment into the university. Rosario Villar where ever you are right now, I really appreciate you and your continuous efforts in helping me to achieve the long desire dream of my entire life.

Another strength I identify with AIU is the knowledge acquiring system with high level motivational tutors and academic Advisors who are always prepared and ready to support with clarity to assignment submission, lesions and provision of text books in word and PDF format and I must recognize the efforts of Edward Lambert (Tutor) for his valuable contribution and tireless efforts in providing continuous support, guidance, coaching and mentoring.

I also appreciate the availability of optional courses that were always send to my mail box in different field of disciplines with content in word and PDF including video versions with professor demonstrations on the subject matter. Moreover, I also enjoy the constant reminders coming through e-mails, student section and cell phone alerts whenever there is a delay in the submission of assignment or payment requirements. Another interesting aspect is the availability of AIU handbook including other guidelines and permission to my AIU for further research purposes

The weight and length of different require assignments highlighted in the phases with clear explanations and examples deepen my understanding in different subject, strengthen my writing skills and increase my desire to make additional researches.

There were many other interesting lesions that             I cannot share now due to the volume but I must admit that I had a very wonderful time with AIU which is even leading me to continuing my studies with AIU at a more professional and specialized level in the area of Psychology.

In conclusion, I must join the voices around the globe to commend AIU for such opportunity and for creating an opportunity to para- professionals and professionals intended to improve their academic and practical field experiences in a more clearly defined and organized manner.


Sincerely yours

Joseph T. Nyunkor

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