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Frank Muganyizi, DBA in Finance - March-27-2016
The best experience I gained when I was studying at AIU is that I fo

My gratitude first goes to the entire administration and the supervisors of the University for their tireless assistance they extended to me while studying at Atlantic International University.   I would like to express my sincere thanks to the university board for the financial support and care that was accorded to me throughout this success. Without this support I wouldn’t be what I am.


 I also owe a lot of appreciation to Mr.  Gordon Esses,Dr Jack Rosenzweig ,Dr Ericks Vazquez, Kinmberly Diaz who  at different times  they were giving me the right guidance, advice and assistance concerning the best way of doing and completing my studies. My thanks should also go to all lecturers who in one way or another imparted professionalism into my work.

The best experience I gained when I was studying at AIU is that I found the University is well organized and cooperative in all matters related to success of academic ambition of a person, hence with this good cooperation I have managed to achieve my academic ambition too. Also the university has good reading environment with a lot of facilities which are necessary for reading and they are easily reached.  The university offers scholarship to students who are in needy although the amount offered is relatively small especially for those people coming from the third world. I would advise the University to review this program, nevertheless despite of being small, they save the purpose.

The learning experience I gained from the university will help me to overcome challenges which I was facing before starting the study, just to mention few challenges these include: 

·         The problem of loan disbursement by farmers who received agriculture loans (especially when the weather doesn’t favors their will i.e. no rains or draught) hence fail to liquidate the loan.

·         The treatment of the poor of the poorest farmers who had already despaired for their lives to be recognized by the community (marginalized)

·         The marketing problems for products of peasants (seeds with high yield where introduced to farmers the results is much produce which in turn could not fetch good price nor market).

·         Mechanisms for exemptions of the poor who needs treatments.

·         How to convince despaired poor families with nothing to eat to accept receive a milk goat and later pay a goat to be given to his fellow poor farmer (through revolving fund system)

·         How to change behavior of poor/venerable families from traditional ways of thinking towards developmental thinking.

·         How to overcome the financial difficulties of unions due to falling down of coffee price in the world market consequently fail to pay back bank debts.

·         How to solve high borrowing cost as a result paying big interest.


Taking into account the mentioned challenges, the gained  training was of great importance to me for I have sharpen and increased my skills and knowledge as a result  I am  able to tackle/solve mentioned challenges collectively with those unstated challenges  ,apart from

solving problems also the acquired education has facilitating to improve my decision making capability in tackling  various issues as I am dealing with institutions which deals with economic up lift of standard of living of the people hence the need a person of my caliber.

Again I shall be using gained knowledge to solve any in coming task at my working place without delay.  Besides the gained knowledge is shared among other Co-Board members who are lacking this knowledge.

With these aforementioned remarks, I am once again thanking the administration and the supervisors of the University for how you have made me be the way I am today. Do not forget I am an African, the World of today has been witnessing Africa continent as a home of opportunities.  

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