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Daniela Assimiti, Master of Nutrition - June-8-2016
If someone would have told me when I started, that these 2 years of st

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If someone would have told me when I started, that these 2 years of studying for my Masters will fly so quickly and smoothly, I wouldn’t have believed it. And, that is the truth.

First of all, I’m grateful to everyone in the Admissions and Academic Departments for vision and providentially really “pushing” me into the right program I wasn’t even considering it-  then helping gently in growing the wings, so that in the end it turned out to be exactly what my dormant self was longing for, for a very longtime!                                          

Special THANKS to Dr. Lambert for the competent guidance and making the learning journey so pleasant!   

I started not completely sure that I would really want or need at this stage in life to venture in an upgrading program. I started also quite reticent   about the idea of   an online program, but it turned that I ended it by really loving everything I did, and fully satisfied about everything I’ve learned.                                                                                                 

In all directions, it was the perfect choice: perfectly fit for my personality, learning style, and relatively affordable (though the sacrifices at times were immense. At this point also, a big “Thanks” to the Finance Department for their   patience and very precious assistance always).   

And definitely, the benefits of Andragogy helping a lot the people like us who come to fulfill their dreams later on in life, are proving correct once again the fact that learning hasn’t limits! 

With just a little sense of regret for not taking more advantage or benefiting   at fullest of all the options that AIU offers, per all, I cannot but give a thumbs up for everything.                                                                                                                                                    It is the right place to find friendly and very helpful people ready to assist in all the mechanics whenever necessary, always flexible and accommodating creativity and free expression of ideas, and at the same time oriented always   towards the needs and benefits of the students to attain the highest standards.   The right place to feel free exploring while learning, and at the same time growing in knowledge.

Once again, Congratulations AIU!   

I’m very proud and feeling truly blessed for being part of AIU’s global family, and for witnessing AIU shine brighter with each new day during these past two years! Shine On!                                                   


Daniela Assimiti                                                     

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