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James Chipulu, Master of Science in Network Administration and Security - July-20-2016
The experience with the online program has been an eye opener and has



I first heard of this university over the internet about five years ago. I was looking for a University that would offer me studies that were specific to my kind of work and also offer it by either distance learning or online. I was not able to start that time because of issues due to accreditation and a lack of acceptance at my work place for online programs.

In April, 2014, I decided to start after carefully assessing the program that would be closest to my preferred area of study. I wanted to pursue a Master’s degree in Network Administration with an emphasis on network security. The studies were especially interesting for me as I had the chance to develop my own curriculum. I was however, taken aback by the earlier assignments which included reading certain books and writing some kind of reviews. That was because of the delay in the shipping of the books to my country.

I however was further helped by being able to submit projects done in my work to form part of what could be assessed and provide some speed in my progress. I gladly submitted the projects that I had done in the recent past and it helped me to quickly go to stage 4 of the program.

I had challenges sometimes to do with internet connectivity. This delayed my work to a very large extent. However, I did most of the work offline and just uploaded the assignments whenever the internet was available. The other challenge was on the payments for my tuition. We suffered a great depreciation in our economy which made availability of US Dollars very scarce and that also affected our ability to order books and other materials required for the studies. However, I tried my best under those circumstances and hoped to complete the fees by end of April, 2016.

The experience with the online program has been an eye opener and has encouraged me to consider studying for my Doctorate degree as soon I have completed this program later this year. This is possible because of the flexibility in both time and payments. I will this time ensure to first install a good internet connection before starting the course and would order eBooks instead of hard copies which delayed my studies while waiting for the delivery by the shipping companies.




James Chipulu

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