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Moses Silupya, Bachelor of Business and Finance - October-10-2016
Life Changer

COURSE NAME: My Experience at AIU



Course Title: Life Changer



  1. Introduction


    My name is Moses Silupya from Zambia a country from southern Africa I enrolled with AIU in early 2013 by then I had an option to study with a UK university who had offered me a 30% scholarship but when I calculated the amount to be paid on my course it was beyond the period I was seeking to complete my studies within, hence as I was still checking on the internet I came across AIU it just crossed my mind and I said let me try and apply and within a week I received an email response from AIU informing that they were ready to offer me a scholarship and that there programs can be done within two (2) years depending on my dedication to my course work, then later in the afternoon Anel Santiago the admission director  called me and informed me that if I was able to pay registration fees within that week I would receive a 60% scholarship and I took it up. My motivation to study on distance learning has been to acquire a qualification with a university that is globally recognized and my target was an American or a British University and AIU just answered that need.




2.0     Lecturers and Staff

AIU has the best lecturers that understands how to help any student unlock their potential and look through any course to be easy and attainable of course the begins are quite daunting and seem really sophisticated, sometimes you feel like you are wasting your time as it seems to ‘makes no sense at all’ but with the lecturer’s magical touch everything starts to fall into perspective and opens your eyes into a global perspective vision not just the local one. To tell you the truth I was almost giving up but my one and only mentor Dr. Edward Lambert picked me up and led me into the journey that has changed my view of things, today I see the world differently because he made me understand that as human beings we control everything around us and that our destiny is indeed in our hands. The finance department is the best in the whole world, the student service team is such compassionate and inclusive such that they make you feel at home and important. All my lecturers have been so sweet and extremely helpful in any query and concern of mine. You see I have no better words to say in explaining how sweet the AIU team has been helpful to me because you have changed my life such that I always walk with my head high always wanting to change the world, “ what you have done is you have changed a Banking and Finance certificate holder into a defined Business and Finance BA holder with a global perspective outlook”, and for this I say thank you and please continue doing the same so that we can change the entire world especially us Africans because right now people notice the difference between me and my fellow degree holders from our local universities at my work place.


  1.      My Course and Materials


    My course has helped me understand how an organization is formed and how it operates and what makes it make profits and losses, how the markets are formed and how organization can take advantage to be profitable. It has implanted a sense of heuristic view of things in me, one of them being how financial markets operate and are formed such that I am now considering writing a proposal to the central bank on how our financial institutions in our country Zambia can turn their bad debt burden they have been carrying into profitable financial vehicles. My course has helped me simplify my understanding of finance and business into “without us there is no finance and there is no business”, and this has been due to the right resources provided to me by AIU library which is sufficiently stocked to teller my owned styled program.


4.0     Conclusion

In my conclusion as I earlier alluded to I wish to encourage you to make Africa as your priority target if really we are to change the world because Africa is posed to be the next emerging global market due to its untapped natural resources and your presence will be noticed as a pioneer in transformation of our knowledge and there is a huge knowledge gap between us and the west.

Lastly, AIU I say thank you for all this as I embark on a journey to refer more and more African students to my University.

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