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Peter Bath Nyol Datuar, Bachelor in Social Work - October-24-2016
I would never have known what AIU stands for...

I would never have known what AIU stands for and what it actually does to people around the globe if it wasn’t for a friend who encouraged me that I register with them. AIU has transformed my life and brought higher learning to my door step without having to give up the little job I and my family entirely depends on for survival. This is a rare chance that everybody in need of education advancement must cease if he she means business in as fare as achieving one’s dream is concern while what that person does to win daily bread for themselves is unhindered.

There are thousand working class out there who want to upgrade themselves academically but, fear losing their jobs if they go to traditional universities as there are very few institutions that encourage online learning in most parts of the world especially, in Africa. In my country, South Sudan, a lot of people go nowhere after finishing their secondary school levels because the culture of early marriage has been the state of affairs for decades, thus you can’t leave behind your family with nothing to survive on as you go to college to earn a degree or diploma overseas or in an area far away from home.

 In short, what makes AIU so unique is the fact that as a student, you do not need to spend years in order to complete your degree, rather, so long you are committed to spending three hours a day reading and submitting an assignment at least once in a week, in a year time or two you will have accomplished your goal and achieve your dream.

While studying at AIU I read wonderful and life changing books written by scholars and professional scientists that touches all aspects of life way back to ancient civilizations. E.g. Fractal Time, How to Change the World and in Defense of Globalization respectively. These books and many more had indeed empowered me with an immeasurable knowledge I will own for the rest of my life.

I’m grateful to AIU academic staff especially my advisors for the relentless support they have given me during my tenure not forgetting the entire staff and leadership for their care and love, I’m happy and I say to you proudly that your support has not gone in vain. I will prove to my country and the world that what I learned is visible and shines at all-time on everything I do. For without the scholarship accorded to me from the people of goodwill inspired by humanity irrespective of geographical constituencies, race or religion, coming this fare would have been a day dreaming and on behave of my family and my own, I say to them, big thank you and I’m forever grateful for the helping hand you have extended to me.

Finally, I hereby recommend committed country men and woman to enroll and study at the AIU because students have the freedom to do their assignment at a time they feel is ok with their schedules whether home or at work place, all you need is computer and a working internet if your already good at operating a computer machine and the time to do that is now.


Peter Bath Nyol Datuar, South Sudan Malakal 

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