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Huy Rekol, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD in Public Health - November-16-2016
I am writing to express my heartfelt thank for the AIU’s excellent edu


Atlantic International University (AIU)

School: Social and Human Studies

Degree: Doctor of Public Health




I am writing to express my heartfelt thank for the AIU’s excellent education service, enabling me to reach my academic goal as a Doctor of Public Health. Inspired to gain this degree, I highly appreciate the school support service and the quality of education system.


As the director of the National Center for Parasitology, Entomology, and Malaria Control of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, my role is like a commander in chief for assuring the achievement of all program goals. Malaria, for instance, is to be eliminated by 2025; therefore, I have worked hard in many main areas: health policy development and implementation, health strategic plans and framework, risk assessment, and monitoring and evaluation. Given that I am in charge of three national health programs: malaria, dengue, and helminthiasis, I usual have a tight schedule filled with a full year round activities such as appointments with stakeholders, and meetings and conferences. Thus, all these are seriously challenging my opportunity and my time availability of improving my knowledge and my professional career.


Previously, I thought I was too old to reach my learning goal, a Ph.D. degree; however, I made it now due to the modern globalization and the high technology-based education system; it made the world smaller. Surfing the AIU’ web page, I was impressed by the simplicity and the enormous amount of learning resources, 10 million full texts and about 47 million bibliographic references in more than 400 languages. Moreover, having learned at AIU, I have trusted in the education services, and other communication technologies,  so this would allow all students to be connected with the great satisfaction, enriching the human civilization with the miracle of the modern communication technology.   


Therefore, I decided to pursue my academic degree in public health at AIU; with my aspiration for a better professionalism, I have been strongly motivated from the beginning while consulting with the admission counselor, Liliana Penaranda. She explained me about the distance learning, keeping up my spirit of learning as if I was a young student. Throughout my study period, I have been satisfied with the AIU’s services: tuition, payment, resources, communication, and the student section within a variety of professional fields, and excellent support and guidance from my tutor, Kinmberly Diaz, and advisor. My knowledge improvement included communication skills, disease investigation, and organization theory. Other areas included self-evaluation matrix, the integration chart of the guarantee of an academic degree, philosophy of education, the applied health diagnosis, an organization of health services, epidemiology, planning health care, health service administration, health legislation, directorate of health institutions and economy in public health. Once, recalling all experiences and achievements I have made at the University—these shaped me to adapt my current and prospective curriculum and matrix designation linking with actual work performances and responsibilities. Moreover, other professional fields were also well brought me up to achieve my academic goal, empowering me to strengthen all the national programs at my center, achieving the program goals.


Following my graduation as a Doctor of Public Health, I have two ultimate goals including knowledge sharing and effective program management: malaria, dengue, and helminths. I, for the former, have used a variety of communication channels; for instance, meetings, workshops, conferences, academic programs at a university, and the partnership with other schools with long distance learning such as AIU in particular. Regarding the later, I have applied all my knowledge and expertise with respect to program policies, implementation, environmental health assessment, and technology-based disease surveillance system. Additionally, I will improve and strengthen the health service administration, health institutions, and economy in public health, exercising the best integration approaches for a better understanding of real community status and norm; as a result, this will engage the community participation. In fact, all academic knowledge is extremely useful to prevent, control, and eliminate the diseases within the timeframe of program goal.


Last but not least, I would like to thank AIU again for the world-class quality in almost everything: curriculum, services, communication system, payment flexibility, supports, guidance, and all advice from the admission counselor, tutor, and advisors. Being both as an academic lecturer, and a program leader, I firmly promise that I will work hard, and share my inputs with the communities and other fellow public health professionals. Holding a degree of doctorate in public health, I will have to make a difference int terms of reducing the disease burden, a public health problem, through the effectiveness of program implementation at my center, and beyond—a potential country and global.


Sincerely Yours,

Huy Rekol

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