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Emma Maddy, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD in Psychology - December-19-2016
I am a very experienced nurse and a mental health practitioner with ov

I am a very experienced nurse and a mental health practitioner with over forty-five years of experience and expertise in all aspects of the nursing profession. I have also taught for several years during practice as a nurse who trains registered nurses to become autonomous Practitioners.  Formally, I have taught in Universities in Ghana for over seven years in nursing and the school of medical sciences.

Although I have always been interested in obtaining my PhD, it had not been a priority in my career though the university insisted on all lecturers attaining a Terminal degree. However, I discovered rather painfully at the Universities in Ghana that if one did not hold a PhD any original project one would initiate becomes owned by someone else because he/she holds a PhD. For this reason and the fact that every original initiative of mine had been taken over by someone else by virtue of them holding a PhD, I decided that I would take control of my initiatives by ensuring that I undertook a PhD degree.

I applied to many universities both on line and in person in the UK. All the UK institutions insisted on me attending lectures on a regular basis while I took my modules for PhD. None of the Universities I approached was willing to look at my experiences, skills and credentials and consider a tailor-made programme for me even though I made such suggestions to some of them. The nearest I got to this request was an agreement of one university to supervise me to do the old-time Research PhD which was a nonstarter because we could not even have a discussion on the phone to move forward. In my disappointment, I gave up on them since I was being hindered rather than enhanced. In my anxiety, I took to the internet once more and this time I decided to try Atlantic International University. -AIU.

I was amazed at the enthusiasm with which I was welcomed and made to feel at home almost instantly. They instinctively noticed my numerous achievements, expertise and credentials and suggested to me to take the route that I had spent several years suggesting to various universities in the UK. I planned my own Curricula which enabled me to concentrate on subjects that were relevant and pertinent to my current position and work and recognised my previous work, learning, knowledge and experience which in itself was motivating for me. The support I received from Sandra Garcia to begin with was reassuring and the continuous support I received from my Supervisor- Andreas Rissler is second to none; with his motivating comments when he had enjoyed reading my assignments. The excitement with which he attends to my assignments is palpable sometimes and tells me he was really looking after my interest. My personal tutor Rina Lehnhoff too was very helpful and always there for me; always came to assistance. Great Team I had. If even one university in the UK had shown such enthusiasm and motivated me half as much I would have been so grateful and most likely completed my terminal degree by now.

I am very grateful to AIU for endorsing what I have always maintained, that because of my own interest in education and learning and the long service work I had put in to the NHS-UK, I had been privileged to acquire so much experiences, knowledge and skills as well as numerous credentials that in themselves more or less qualified me for a PhD., that I should have my skills, knowledge and experiences accredited to award me the degree of PhD but no university took notice. Only AIU in my opinion was and is, smart enough to have such insight in light of the changing modes of learning in the world these days.

I am very grateful to AIU for acknowledging my Skills, Knowledge and Experiences and enabling me to undertake rightly so, an accelerated mode of learning to achieve my goal. Thank you, AIU.    

Thank you.


Yours Sincerely

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