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Emmanuel Abbey, Doctor of Project Management - April-5-2019
I was so much touched how the callers from AIU motivated me with encou


Dear Sir / Madam,

I write today to express my profound appreciation for how I was handled by Atlantic International University (AIU).

In the first place, I came into contact with AIU in 2009 in search for an institution where I could translate my lifetime experience into an academic degree. Having had the Masters degree at Andrews University in Michigan in 1980, I concentrated all my efforts into continued ministerial service from 1980 until my retirement from active service in December 2010. This was continuous service for 30 years without seeking for further education. In 2005, I tried working on my doctoral degree at the University of Ghana, Accra, but for some inexplicable reasons that ambition fizzled out for lack of warmth in the program I wanted to pursue.

Still interested in pursuing further education even though I was close to retirement, I was encouraged by the saying that “education has no end”.

In 2008, I enrolled with AIU and as my retirement date approached and I was drawn to other emerging considerations, I suspended the educational plan for some time; then I was retired from active ministerial service on December, 2010.

Before I settled down to my retirement home at Asyiyie in Accra, I received a call from AIU, reminding me of the studies that had been on hold. My answer was that I had no funds to continue because I was then on retirement. Two more of such calls followed at long intervals until in 2015 when I was called again.

I was so much touched how the callers from AIU motivated me with encouragement anytime they called. I was assured that the AIU was committed to the completion of my studies. What followed was that I was granted 50% scholarship to enable me to continue the course. Thus, I came on board again.

This study is online and therefore it was impossible to meet my friendly advisors, tutors and financial team face to face to look into their eyes and press home to them that the one they are dealing with is an elderly person, so as to derive some respect from me and accommodate me somehow. In the Akan language in Ghana, it is said that “Onipa anim tese krotweamansa”, meaning literally that facing a respectful human being is like meeting a lion face to face. Further, it means that a respectful person always wears an honourable face. So this way, most elderly persons had bulldozed their way through difficult and impossible situations with age on their side in the Ghanaian society. But, this was not the case with my encounters with the wonderful team whom I dealt with at AIU. Yes, they were very respectful,

I could sense each time they interacted with me that they dealt reasonably with me. Yet they were resolute and kept to the rules without favours. Until I requested for anything that would make my studies more accessible to me, they would always stay with the rules. Often there were feelings and concerns that I need to complete my studies, submit all I have to submit and on schedule. This is what led to the successful completion of my studies by the deadline, December, 2017.

I had worked in the area of strategic planning for 18 years in my career as the Director of Stewardship and Strategic Planning for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ghana, but I had nothing academic to show for it. Though I was lecturing at the Valley View University at Oyibi in Accra with my academic degree, M. A. in Religion, I realized that it would be prudent to possess an academic degree, PHD in Project Management with concentration in Strategic Planning to boost my capacity in both the academic and religious circles as an experienced strategic planner. One other course I have handled at the University is ‘Church and Personal Finance’ with stewardship as the basis.  Valley View University is the premier private and chartered university in Ghana, also the first among the Christian universities in Ghana.

While studying with Atlantic International University, I was able to engage in four major activities that had and will continue to influence society positively. There were:-

  1. In 2015, I established The ABBEY FOUNDATION Ghana, which is already giving values awards to deserving students who live according to the core values of Valley View University – Excellence, Integrity & Service, all seen in one person by the time the students are graduating after 4 years’ encounter with the University. Since 2016, in 3 consecutive years and at each graduation of the Valley View University usually in July, The ABBEY FOUNDATION has awarded 6 final year students (a male best and a female best for each year) and 1 Junior Staff , 7 in all, ‘The Abbey ‘EXINSE’ Values Scholarship Award’ with plaques and some cash. ‘EXINSE’ (pronounced x-in-ze) is the acronym of EXcellence, INtegrity & SErvice. The University selects the nominees and The Foundation provides the awards usually funded by the primary proprietors, the Abbeys (E. O. Abbey, wife and Children). The Values Award is a joint venture. The University has given open recognition to this and has also presented certificates of recognition to the award winners for winning The ABBEY FOUNDATION Values Awards. The award winners are assured of a joint Testimonial by The ABBEY FOUNDATION and the Valley View University duly signed by the President of the Foundation and the Vice-Chancellor of the University to further their future careers or education.


  2. In 2016, developed and proposed a 50 page, 9 credit curriculum (with course content) for the School of Theology and Missions of Valley View University to enhance the Evangelism course offered at the University.


  3. In 2018, I was charged with developing a curriculum to raise the status of the Missions Department of the School of Theology and Missions (STM) at Valley View University, from a minor to a major Department.  This was when the Dean of the School heard that I was pursuing studies in Project Management at AIU. That was very encouraging and a plus for AIU. 


  4. In January, 2019, I was able to complete a new book, ‘Improving Your Personal Prayer Life’ (about 260 pages) now ready for publishing by the Advent Press in Accra, Ghana. The book provides a weekly and monthly personal guide to a prayerful life, consistent with living as prescribed by Jesus in Matthew 6 and 7. It has been pre-tested in different forms and has proven to be practically potent for the Christian.

My encounter with AIU strengthens my present aspirations and enhances my future exploits for society and church to benefit others.

The wonderful team of workers who handled my studies and finances contributed immensely to this achievement that makes my life-time achievements more fulfilled. My God has been phenomenal in leading me into the studies, during the studies, and now to the graduation day. To Him be all the glory.

Now I have nothing more to share than to say that when conferred with the PHD degree I Project Management, I will be able to explore the broad and endless opportunities that lay before me to help better the lives of those who come in contact with me, whether at the Valley University, the Society, or the Church.

My deep appreciation go to my wife, Hannah Vera Abbey; children, Vivian, Samuel, Henrietta and especially Emmanuel Abbey III who encouraged and supported me immensely towards this attainment. My larger family, the Abbey Family and my wonderful in-laws all encouraged me so much. Finally, the teeming church friends and co-workers some of who are retired, and those I lecture with at Valley View University who were so encouraging. I appreciate you all.  Amen. 

Sincerely yours,


Emmanuel Odenkey Abbey (Pastor)                                                                                                                                     

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