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Mindjae Meyong Pricila Gertrude, Bachelor of Healthcare Management - June-14-2019
It was a great privilege and a moment of opportunity when I came acros


Health care management profession has always being a dream of mine. To me it’s a commitment to self, to others and the society as a whole.

My background in Health care assistant and a care giver in a pharmacy after graduating with BSC Administration (Banking and Finance) gave me a sense that I treasured, that is, to be able to serve my community diligently and efficiently in the area of healthcare with an understanding that there an imminent need for further study and research in health care and its governance at a local community level and at a societal level especially in Africa- Ghana.

This foundation to I know would guide me in obtaining a deeper perspective and excellent knowledge base, guiding the principles of healthcare especially management in health care.

It was a great privilege and a moment of opportunity when I came across AIU online early 2017.

I did an intensive research on the school online and searched through it courses and frankly, I was excited about the online degree the institution offers in HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT.

I went through the initial follow up process and I was given a contact to help me navigate through the admission and other process. Inasmuch as I was excited about doing the course, I also was skeptical about online courses due to prejudices about them.

My talks with my initial contact from AIU were extremely convincing and persuasive, all my doubt melted away.

I began the course immediately after my documents were accepted and everything went smoothly. Even though, this course was my first attempt to online schooling, I was determined to succumb all obstacles and finish with flying colours.

I soon got comfortable with the online school and realized that it was no different from that of the regular schools. I was able to connect and network with my colleagues across board online, and this was a great eye opener.

Distinctively, I would say differentiating between the roles of my course advisor and supervisor was a bit confusing and ambiguous for me, however, communications with both of them were prompt and very efficient.

In my part of the world (Africa), the irregularity in accessing internet is prevalent and poses as a setback for most online activities. This made it tedious mostly for me to be on time with assignments and fee payments and also communication with my advisor and supervisor but they had patience for me through all these difficult situations.

Videos and examples on the school site were sometime not comprehensive to me but again, my advisor and supervisor were always there with an immediate help.

My intermittent internships and this degree with AIU have introduced me to cooperate governance which offers a bigger picture to higher levels of healthcare community development and management.

My study and research courses with this prestigious institution has opened my intellectual ability to have an accession that, the issues of healthcare management have mainly been poor leadership ,baised, lack of good health policies and inadequate allocation of resources and poor emphasis on human human and development.

The responsibility to help resolve these socio economic and healthcare setbacks has provided a motivation for me through my study in AIU.

I am proud and confident to say I am a happy alumnus of AIU. My overall experience with the institution has been a top notch.

I believe I am adequately equipped to change the status-quo in the health sector of my country, Africa and beyond with knowledge acquired from AIU. I will gladly recommend this great institution to the world.


Mindjae Meyong Pricila Gertrude

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