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João Paulo Gomes Rocha da Silva, Bachelor of Information Technology - June-26-2019
To achieve a determined goal with merit is to fight for it with all th

I was born on the smallest inhabited island of Cape Verde. With 64 square kilometers and with just under 5 thousand inhabitants, Brava Island is considered the most beautiful in the country.

If the Island's beauty attracts tourists from all over the world, the island is known for being quiet and poor.

This was one of the reasons I chose AIU to pursue my academic studies. To try in the near future to help combat the poverty of my Island, and contribute to human, social, economic and academic development.

Studying the Phases assigned to me at AIU was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Life is considered by many a jigsaw puzzle game. One movie that can be very good or another that can be very bad. A grotesque or mild summer breeze.

I compare life many times. Full of surprises, where to walk on the street these days has to be quick not to be left behind. It's exactly the feeling I feel after all this time with AIU.

The perseverance I learned on my Island where I was born (Brava) and the opportunities AIU offered me filled me with courage, motivation and goals to succeed in different situations.

AIU was very important in my life.

Studying gives a lot of work! Believe me that I am perfectly aware of the demands that a student may have. It turns out that this was my job during these last years, it's my profession at the moment, and I can not get away from it!

You have to find a way to seize everything around you to become a man capable of achieving any dreams and goals. In fact, in a few years you may even give up learning everything the school teaches you, but you can be sure that without learning, you never achieve the purpose of achievement! I have strength, and I will always thank AIU!



For those who want to study AIU in the future, I have to say:

If you have come here, dear students, it is because you deserve the congratulations. But today, I would like to draw attention to one important word that you certainly know: merit.

When a person achieves something with merit, it is not because he is intelligent and more capable than the others around him. To achieve a determined goal with merit is to fight for it with all the strength and, even if it is in difficulties, not to give up until reaching it. After all, who do you think would have more merit in a race, a normal athlete who easily reaches the finish in 30 seconds, or a lame man who runs sweating his jersey, but can he get there in 30 minutes?

By this I mean that I do not expect you to be brilliant pupils, or to do the impossible. For many difficulties you may encounter, do not give up. And, above all, strive. The greatest reward you can have is to come to the end of the year and receive the results knowing that you have had all the merit in them.

I finish by saying: Thanks to AIU!

- João Paulo Gomes Rocha da Silva

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