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Ahmed Elimam, Doctor of Linguistics - July-2-2019
I admit that studying in the AIU increases one's enthusiasms that my k


For the AIU PhD program, allow me to commence with a quote for a dear colleague of mine (Dr. Youssif Zaghwani) who. To AIU, writes: "… the whole program is wonderful and very beneficial." He is right, of course, that the variable extended curriculum of the AIU has been designed to develop our competence and to achieve our academic dreams far beyond any geographic boundaries and any situational issues, even for a 'displaced academic … .


To linguists and translators, experiencing such rhetoric (that the AIU inspires via its extra-curricular activities: as in the philosophy of the argumentative theory, especially in written discourses carrying rhetorical patterns "with hidden virtue and/or logic" with the advisor Dr. Lucia Gorea continuing aspirations and follow up as with the other academic staff members' well-being estimations, they all' have been present in every submitted assignment and grading) is found beneficial and commensurate in representing highly controversial issues, in events and contexts.


With the understanding, patience, and encouragement of the AIU Family that I admire, I admit that studying in the AIU increases one's enthusiasms that my knowledgeable professionalism has become more consolidated …, along the time my day and night have been dedicated to my student page and the multi motivated courses, there. This has given me the means to carry on (a kind of) my academic activities that I miss … for being far from my university and homeland.


Being a high diplomat once and an academic for more than twenty years, I can only hope now that the AIU and prestigious staff will, in immediate future, combine their precious educational efforts with all international organizations such as UN, OIC, … through their ad hoc organs. If such very perspectives are to be thought of and approached, more grounds (in coordination and in cooperation) will be established to sustain and promote worldwide the Education and Human Rights.


After my academic status and professional background have been weighed in a considerate way as being excellent in the field and in the approach; After having such original and philosophical argument we have articulated … we become ready to dare the Challenging Ease implemented in the valuable dissertation. This has opened new dimensions and perspectives for further researches and for more profound investigations. And yes, time has now come to mention with gratitude my advisor Dr. Lucia Gorea, the distinguished academic and well-known author, who followed this dignified and signified projection from its beginning to its conclusion.


Likewise I must gratefully acknowledge a list of the honorable academics as Dr. Sandra Garcia, the admission counselor, for her continued encouragement and patience, in early stages; Dr. Edward Lambert, the academic coordinator, for his helpful ardent encouragement, to me throughout this study; my sincere thanks go to Dr. Darian Schiffman, who took on much of the burden by reading and correcting my assignments; her excellent estimation has really made my courses and scientific papers not only signified but also dignified; Ms Clara and the other colleagues beside for their inspirational emails and chosen words.


My deep appreciation goes to the Esteemed  Atlantic International University, staff, and students service office.



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