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Nathaniel Dolph Nuhu Rock, Bachelor of Public and Community Health - August-18-2019
I will want to say a few words from my several experiences studying wi



I will want to say a few words from my several experiences studying with the Atlantic International University.

 My experiences studying with Atlantic International University (AIU) was full of discoveries. Initially, coming from the background of having tailored courses, linked to several programs that I had completed in my previous studies before I came to AIU, noting the flexibilities in studies, I thought to myself, this flexibility in the AIU programs were too good to be true!

But when I enrolled for the Bachelor’s program, each time I wrote to either my Advisor or Tutor, to get instruction as regarding the course to do an assignment on, their response will be more of ‘the ball is actually in your court. Except if you will want us to set an exams for you’. But, they will always be there to help each time I wrote to them.

Then, I tried a course, did an essay after exploring several material from the digital library, and online, and then I submitted. In less than 24 hours, my work was evaluated and shared back on my student page.  That boosted my morale. Then, I continued doing my courses with so much joy and exploring my horizons, as far as I wanted to go.

Learning was so much fun, that, I submitted about 4 – 5 assignments in 1 month.

But, I also respect the evaluation of assignments at AIU. If you have low grade, it simply means, you need to do more and improve your work (even though I never allowed myself to do a less qualitative assignment), I chose to maintain the ‘A’ all through without having to be corrected once, and I achieved it!

The unique thing about AIU is that, you are considered as unique and unrepeatable. This is super awesome! Meaning, “…you can fly, if that’s what you want to do. But, we have trained staff (Advisor and Tutors) to guide you, so you don’t go off the track” while you take advantage of the flexibility in your studies.

In a simple term, AIU is an institution for the less exposed, ordinary, and the extra-ordinary students. Everyone can fit! Because, we now also believe that, we all are unique and unrepeatable!

I am will returning for a Master’s program with the AIU!

Thank you

Nathaniel D. N. Rock

Bsc. Public & Community Health

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