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Josefina António Samanyanga Chirua , Master of Occupational Health and Safety - November-6-2019
It has been a great opportunity to study with AIU. As I was scrolling


It has been a great opportunity to study with AIU. As I was scrolling down on internet for universities and institutions to study Occupational Health and Safety, AIU just appeared. As I tried to apply I realized that I could not afford the tuition. I was still interested though and I could not let my dream to study, die just like that.  One day I saw the offer for part scholarship and I hit the email button. AIU was offering part scholarship for my studies. I discussed with Rina Lehnoff and she made it clear that my academic progress and my payment plan can be treated separately whereby I could proceed with my studies as I do a monthly installment. This was very encouraging so I did not take my time. I enrolled with AIU for my Masters programme. The automatic online payment system also made my life very easy, I do not worry about making a payment but AIU automatically deducts the amount for my monthly tuition. Studying with AIU implied that I could meet my academic needs at the same time, meeting my financial obligations at the same time feeling very comfortable.

At AIU I had my first experience to study online with the sophisticated system. AIU staff was always available and would assist me on how I could continue my studies in the most comfortable and interesting way. I sometimes had challenges on submitting an assignment every month because of my busy schedule and also sometimes due to electricity and internet cut offs in the small district of Angónia, Mozambique where I come from. AIU staff never gave up on me. They would actually send emails and make follow up calls to find out why my assignments are coming up late. Special thank you goes to Dr Edward Lambart who would always give me optional tests in my area of study.

My journey with AIU is a memorable one, with my tutor always there for me and my Academic Advisor Dr Valcin who never made it easy for me but had to make sure that the AIU standards are met. With his positive criticism, I greatly improved on my assignments. Studying with AIU did not only meet my academic needs in my area of study but transformed my life.  As I participated in the Webinars I managed to gain knowledge on other important areas in my life. I am an upcoming entrepreneur and I did not know how to make a business plan proposal. I had searched on the internet only to find sophisticated business plans which were a bit difficult for me to follow. AIU then had a Webinar on how to make a business plan. I had the assignment done and this same business plan proposal has been presented to organizations and they have liked it. It is simple and to the point, and is the business proposal for my project on Horticulture for Rush View Farm. Rush View Farm was therefore established in November 2018 and has its main focus on horticulture and poultry. With the business plan proposal, I am already in the process of legalizing the farm and am also doing trials on different types of vegetables so that I can be fully operational and I have managed to get companies where I can supply my vegetables when I have all my documents in order. Thank you to AIU.

Best Regards, Josefina António Samanyanga Chirua  

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