Testimonials at AIU for Monday, May 25, 2020


Ibianga Philip Brown, Doctorate of Accounting - March-9-2020
It has been my greatest dreams and vision to obtain academic and profe
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It has been my greatest dreams and vision to obtain academic and professional experience from a reputable institution of the western world. This is necessary so as to boost my professional capability in my chosen field of study, the accounting profession.

There are lots of institutions all over the world, with the purpose of upgrading and impacting knowledge to students who are the human resources of their families, companies and the nations. It is one thing to establish and another to successfully accomplish the purpose and objectives of the institution.

This zeal to succeed propel me to carefully search through all the available institution that can reasonably provide the much desired accomplishment and could not find any at the initial circumstance.

The enthusiasm further ignited my rigorous search to fulfill my dreams and at a point, my persistence revealed the Atlantic International University with the description of laudable and impeccable programs available in the institution. Indeed, the university is a citadel of learning and excellence.

The processes, procedures and framework were actually created to build, mold and impact sustainable knowledge and to develop and improve human resources, talents and potentials so as to increase the wealth of nations.

The methodology is one that gave me the courage, ability and capacity to be self-reliant. This stimulated the eagerness to be original, the  inspiration is worthy of the resources engaged for the program and the sense of belonging to an institution that is  always ready to offer a blemish and undiluted academic training that is unattainable in other institutions.   

In my field, the accounting I had to compare the experience obtained to other institutions.  Indeed, the revelation in this institution was overwhelming, the Atlantic International University gave students the opportunity to provide and implement a consistent curriculum with adequate supervision of the contents of the program to maintain, the standard required and expected towards achieving your dreams.  But in other contemporary institutions, a student is subjected to  already established and straight jacketed curriculum that produce a graduate who is not vast and fully exposed to the realities of the academic and professional world. The Atlantic International University has really resuscitated and build a resounding wealth of experience that cannot be obtained elsewhere. As a product of this great institution, it is my duty to disseminate the acquired academic and professional excellences to the world and particularly to those who are in dare need of such a superlative training proffered by this remarkable institution. Alas! I am an proud to be an ambassador of the institution.


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