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Jorge Arrone, Doctor of Philosophy - July-6-2007
I congratulate the University for commencing a new stream in providing
The university stands tall enough of its commitments and sincerity towards quality teaching for students who want to do and become something in life.


With the Educational Paradigm followed at the AIU, the student learns the actual meaning of "Self Studying". It's not only about learning the courses, it's about learning what the courses are, it's not only about knowing the topics in the chosen courses, it's about understanding why those topics are a part of that course. Overall, the students at the AIU don't only learn and understand the course they have opted for, they know and realize its results and end products.


Despite of the existence of huge number of Traditional universities, I today can proudly say that "Atlantic International University" has offered an Educational Paradigm where students are offered extremely high quality education with a career path which leads ONLY and ONLY to success. Although it depends on individual to individual on how he/ she makes the best out of their lives, but AIU structures its students in a manner where they do make the best of their lives.



I believe taking admission into this university has been the most important step and decision I have made in my life and with all my sincerity and hard-work I promise to perform outstandingly and give the university the best I can as a student in return to what the university has provided me and my present as well as future.


I congratulate the University for commencing a new stream in providing Quality Education and expert professional guidance in individual topics that students want to gain knowledge upon. The Online courses section is another step taken towards brightening the future of many prospective and present students at the university.


I wish the University ALL THE BEST for the future and hope the university carries on with its Quality Education to students and brightening the future of many students who cannot make it to traditional universities and via Online studying mode, the Academic Advisors, Teachers, Professors and others at the university with their friendly and welcoming attitude, helping people succeed in their lives.


I want to personally thank each member of the Atlantic International University and express my honor to be a student of this prestigious university.

Finally, I would like to encourage my country fellows (Mozambicans) to follow my example, enrolling at the Atlantic International University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.


Jorge Arrone, Doctor of Philosophy


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