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Ivan Craig, Master of Agricultural Sciences - November-19-2021
My wish was to improve academically but due to pressure of work I fail
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My name is Ivan William Craig of Zimbabwe. I was enrolled with Atlantic International University for a Bachelor in Technology Advances in Agriculture and Extension which I was so excited about to complete. My wish was to improve academically but due to pressure of work I failed to accomplish that, in many cases I got carried away and registered with several local colleges and the other time I tried with South African correspondence colleges but my dear friends it was just in vein until a friend introduced me to Atlantic International University (AIU), from then I never looked back on my education life, which started to improve positively.

I found it exciting at the same time challenging to go through the program, it excited me in the sense that the knowledge I was using in my course work, most of it was from my day today work and acquiring knowledge from the farmers and fellow technocrats I worked with in the agriculture and extension fraternity, I owe it to the farmers and technocrats of Zimbabwe of which the repayment is easy, I just have to deliver for the betterment of my country on food security and balanced nutrition. My focus as I implement my acquired  knowledge is to see the rural economic recovery of Zimbabwe through skilled empowerment and employment creation as cushion against rural - urban migration, to curtail urban population pressure and related health risks while balancing rural/ urban population distribution and per capita living standards. Let me openly admit that the program prepared me sufficiently to face the food security, nutrition and poor living standards challenges being faced by Africa as a whole if not the world.

Back to AIU, I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive process with my advisors; they provided a conducive study atmosphere. I did the program at my own pace trying to balance work load and course work, this made me complete the program in four years of which I am not regretting at all. I will always cherish the invaluable knowledge and deeper perspective towards looking at food security, balanced nutrition and living standards of all people mainly up scaling that of rural forks through advanced technology in agriculture.


I would like to deeplyappreciate The Management, Staff and my advisors for the invaluable support and assistance that you rendered to me along the way, you made my course easy and I thoroughly enjoyed my study period with AIU, that I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to study with the University.



Ivan Craig


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