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Mohammed Gaas, Bachelor of Communications - June-9-2022
AIU has values that make it stand tall and has no comparison on online
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Let me start by expressing my sincere gratitude to the management, advisors and tutors of this great establishment for giving me a chance that professionally guiding me in pursuing me academic dreams. When we talk about experience, it provides one a chance to talk about what s/he has encountered while studying at Atlantic International University. My story would be an honest account that made me register for further studies in this esteemed academic institution.

While I was halfway in my bachelor's degree, I fell ill and was admitted in hospital where I underwent double surgeries. I am really satisfied with the system used by AIU and the patience that portrayed humanity at its highest degree where I was rendered a chance to complete my course and pay later as I was clearing hospital bills. That is the reason for returning to peruse my masters in the same university. AIU is a unique International University whose system encourages students to fall in love with their studies. Its flexible learning structure provides students from all walks of life to enjoy their courses while pursuing their dreams without the stress depicted by time or financial strains.

As I have mentioned above, I had a chance to complete my studies and pay later, which makes AIU the only academic institution, I have seen, that puts its students endeavors first while letting financial and other matters come next. It is a caring institution with concerned advisors, tutors and rich academic libraries packed with books and videos tailored to open and enhance the minds of the learners to a higher level regardless of one’s background, which makes AIU not an American University but rather a Universal one.

synchronized mails notifying the students about their progress and approaching events and optional extra learning opportunity are all extremely captivating. Courses are designed professionally providing a stairs like journey, which starts with simple topics, such as writing autobiography, which I have not seen encouraged anywhere else, to build the students writing skills. Curriculum development was the best part of the course, it provides the students to come up with a curriculum based on their expertise or desire in the future, which provides them to get assignments that are related to their career. This stipulates the learner to study and at the same time practice what they studied to uplift expertise in their workplace.


The promptness and willingness of the advisors and tutors is a milestone that has greatly contributed to the uplifting of the glory that Atlantic International University enjoys today. Frankly, I am so proud to be part of this great institution where each one equally matters as an individual. AIU has values that make it stand tall and has no comparison on online learning in the entire world.


AIU is in the forefront in advocating and promoting human rights and safeguarding hence protecting the environment It also provisions the United Nations goals in enhancing the wellbeing of our world. Through this, it encourages its students to learn and understand how they can be in the forefront of making our world a better place to live in by making a little positive change each for a better life for the future generations.


Sincerely Yours,


Mohammed Abdillahi Gaas



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