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Karen Steffen Beltrão de Oliveira, Bachelor of Marketing - June-14-2022
AIU was the perfect structure for me when I started to study.
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AIU was the perfect structure for me when I started to study.

I have just moved to Brazil, and I have wished my whole life after graduating high school, I wished to study at an American University. I am a Brazilian born and raised in Japan, and because my family was planning to move back to Brazil, I had to wait a year after graduating high school to see if it was possible for me to have a English diploma in my future.

After moving back to Brazil, I had so much to learn and to adapt, that going to a university at the moment didn’t seem like an option to me. So, as I searched online, to see if there is a university that I can be part of while working and adapting to my culture, I’ve stumbled upon AIUs website.

I am very grateful towards the university for giving me an academic structure that was just right for my lifestyle at the time. And because of AIU, I was able to achieve a childhood goal which is having an English diploma.

During my academic time on AIU, I have enjoyed having access to the library to read so much and being able to think about topics that are essential to create my own opinion which leads to creating my own self. The quizzes were very practical and made my learning on vocabularies easy too.

If there is someone that is in need of achieving a dream of having an American University diploma, I would like to recommend AIU because there is a way for you to learn and achieve that besides being present at a lecture in the university campus.

While learning Marketing, I was able to put in practice what I’ve learned at my workplace. I was able to speak my opinion through many gatherings like events, chat with friends or family members because AIUs homework and library had enriched my perspective, view and knowledge.

I was afraid to put myself in a position that I won’t have any stimulation because of the changes I was facing in my private life, but AIU showed me that it was possible to still be stimulated while going through changes in my life, and that there is a way to be stimulated without being present in a campus. I was able to make time to my academic life on hours I was not working, or brakes during my work or family events. Having a flexible schedule for my studies helped me achieve my goals.

AIU, I appreciate you, and I hope to share more with people what I achieved through this University. Thank you.


- Karen Steffen Beltrão de Oliveira


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