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Calvin Maguu, Bachelor of Education - June-15-2022
The journey was great and enjoyable, looking at the progress I was mak
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Having been born and bred in a so-called third-world country, I had given up on higher education the moment I finished my ordinary level of education. I got a job and started working as an outdoor education instructor after being trained on the job. I learned a lot of skills over many years but I still felt like there was something missing. I only had my high school certificate but no college degree. I decided to move out of the country in search of a better remuneration but still doing the same job. After I started to feel good about my remuneration I thought I could find an online university so that I could get a degree.  

I came across AIU and started reading the information on the website. I liked several things about their way of learning. One of the main things I loved was that I could still go to work and study at the same time.  So I registered for a bachelor’s degree in education which is what I have been doing for many years. I was not much of a studying person but through understanding that I have to submit at least one assignment per month I pushed myself and ended up submitting 2 assignments at a time. I felt encouraged by the fact that there were several people that were available if I needed them. Even though I did not ask too much from them (my advisor and my tutor), I still felt safe and supported every time I logged into my student account and see their pictures and know that they were there to support me.

I made my curriculum based on the resources that were already available to me. That gave me more confidence and energy to push myself knowing that I chose what I wanted to study in my course.  I followed through and sometimes because of work I would fall a little behind but I would always find the energy to continue knowing that I decided created a curriculum of what I wanted to study therefore I should see it through.

The journey was great and enjoyable, looking at the progress I was making and knowing that I would get my first ever degree. By the time I reached the required points for me to graduate I was already enjoying studying at AIU.

Thank you to my tutors and advisors for always being there to answer my questions and supporting with materials to make the learning great for me.


Yours Faithfully


Calvin Maguu


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