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Said Abdillaahi, Bachelor of Public Administration - July-21-2022
I must admit that my daily life routine has been transformed for the b
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In retrospect looking back 6 months today when I first responded to an AIU marketing AD ON FACEBOOK and got enrolled for a bachelor degree in Public administration, I feel nostalgic, optimistic and highly motivated to reach greater heights in my newly found academic progress!


I must admit that my daily life routine has been transformed for the better, forever. From daily routine involving 18 hours of hectic political and technical meetings over reform through capacity building work and related office chores to a well-managed and more productive daily routine involving 2 hours of spiritual uplifting, 3 hours of leisure and healthy body building, 3 hours of learning and knowledge building and 10 hours of work-related chores.

I will always be indebted to learn the AIU’s 11 elements and the business communication learning materials meant for enhancing personal productivity that provided guidance to newly acquired soft skills starting with:-

  1. Improved time management resulting in reducing office work from 18 hours to 10 hours (56%) a day and re-allocating 44% of time to academic studies, body health building, spiritual uplifting and leisure. I could do in 10 hours what I used to do in 18 hours!
  2. Enhanced body health through physical exercises and fasting two days per week resulting in reduced weight from 120Kgs to 105Kg. Target weight is 85Kgs therefore 25 Kgs more to lose.
  3. Computer and communication technology gadgets are now user-friendly. The online learning platforms, creating my own website using video instructions and frequent browsing to research on major engines helped in moving an “old guy” like me from 1990’s ANALOGUE TO DOTCOM generation!
  4. Deep insight and widest view on public administration topics using high quality Learning materials, training tools and formats that increase understanding, maintain consistency, proven practical usefulness for knowledge building and skills transfer to public administrators in Somalia on-going presently.
  5. Increased motivation to seek higher academic knowledge and credentials as well as create wealth to acquire power and status and not just waiting for monthly salaries!



Learning has no age limited. To be highly professional and productive there is always the need and opportunity to “relearn, unlearn and learn” new skills and concepts to serve humanity better.


Yours truly,


Said Abdillaahi Ahmed

AIU Student of Public Administration

Mogadishu, Somalia

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