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Michael Tracey, Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management - August-18-2022
I've learned and discovered things about myself thanks to AIU
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Growing up, going to school was just part of life. primary school, elementary school, and finally high school. My parents committed and took all the required steps to make sure I got the resources to help me with my schooling. During those educational years, I had accustomed myself to the education system's continued lack of appreciation for its significance and just saw it as a task that had to be finished.


After graduating from high school and receiving my diploma, I continued my education in college. Even at this point, I still did not understand the value of education, so I continued to try to establish a social life by starting to hang out with friends and eventually gave up on my college studies after one year. My parents were disappointed, but since I was of legal age to make such decisions, I dropped out of college and entered the workforce without even considering how much I would come to regret that choice in the future.


I had never worked for myself before, but I like it since it gave me the money to buy the things I wanted and needed. I was content with my minimal paycheck because I had no plans to buy a car, a house, or other appliances. Looking decades ahead, I realized that earning a living was not the be-all and end-all because I saw people with higher degrees earning three to five times my basic salary and leading pleasant lives. At that point, the advantages of a tertiary degree were clear to me, and I began to grasp what I needed to do to get ready for the potential of obtaining a greater salary and a better position through education. After realizing that I had been putting off learning for so long, I made the decision to advance my education online, which brought me to AIU.


When I found AIU on the Internet I was attracted to the website’s layout, the many countries it serviced, the interactive medium, and the staff introduction so I signed up just to receive more information. Signing up for AIU I was not ready for what was to come. I only wanted more information, however, the staff at AIU, more specifically Mr. Olatayo would not allow me to back down and encouraged me to take up the challenge and further my studies, and I’m so grateful to him today for that encouragement. Having a family to maintain, a full-time job, and other family activities to attend to on a daily baisis I was not sure I could have managed the online classes, however, Mr. Olatayo would not allow me to back out.


After receiving a scholarship offer from AIU to help with my college expenses, I decided to get started on my path to earning a bachelor's degree in logistics and supply chain management. There was no turning back once I got started, and Ms. Dominguez, my tutor, stayed in touch with me constantly to make sure I was doing okay and handling my studies. I've learned and discovered things about myself thanks to AIU. It has demonstrated to me my ability to multitask, my resolve, and my resilience. It has taught me how to manage my time effectively, stay devoted, and never lose sight of the objective. I've learned how to persevere in pursuing achievement thanks to AIU. I will constantly promote the programs, faculty, and standards of AIU wherever I go.




Michael Tracey


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