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Ogbor Sylvanus, Doctor of Leadership and Change Management - October-19-2022
It is a path I wish to continue as long as I have my breath
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I stumbled on the AIU site at a time I was desperately looking for University outside my Country Nigeria. I was challenged in my current work to go for a Doctorate degree because I was facilitating trainings for people in Government Ministries with various Doctorates in their chosen fields.

Upon inquiry I was told that my program would span two and half to three years. I promised there and then to accelerate the program for an initial 14 months and agreed on course credit and course outline. My admission Counselor Sarah Oguntade was very helpful to streamline the program side by side school fees spread over the period.

AIU offered me a unique opportunity in several ways:

  1. I designed and accelerated my program to fit my schedule.
  2. School fees was spread overtime making the program pocket friendly.
  3. I was assigned Tutors who kept up with my steps and pace and reverted my assignments sometimes within 24 hours in spite of time zone differences.
  4. A well stocked and up-to-date on-line  library
  5. A diverse faculty that was readily available and willing to assist Students at the earliest call.
  6. Student webinars were key to social existence.

With the above structures, AIU was a head start and my Doctorate program in Leadership and Change Management was possible in a year and in good grades at that.

Words, spoken or written are building blocks of our knowledge and social existence. Through words we go anywhere in the world.

AIU gave me WORDS on a platform of gold to learn, engage and build relationships to be the best I can be and impact my world and humanity. At the completion of my Academic work, I was offered an opportunity to document and format a book on my Thesis. This is fulfilling my life-long ambition of writing a Book. With this book, I hope to expand the knowledge and cultural frontier of the global society and change as an intrinsic factor of Leadership.

My experience at AIU?.  Wao!  It was fantastic,  talent exploration and confident building. I can’t trade it for anything in my life. It is a path I wish to continue as long as I have my breath. I am already an Ambassador recommending AIU to friends and Colleagues.


Ogbor Sylvanus

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