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Michael Prah, Doctor of Science - January-26-2013
When I first decided to study or further my education with AIU, I did

When I first decided to study or further my education with AIU, I did not even know why I was doing. I had some sort desire to see young students in my environment could improve in mathematics as a subject.


The subject that scares most students in their academic work is mathematics from the world I come from. Before pursuing my masters degree in mathematics in AIU, I had the opportunity to be teaching in an institution where they pursue professional courses in engineering. I was teaching science and mathematics. During and after my masters program, words cannot be describe how enlightened, life – change, awkward, but awesome it was to affect the students in my environment. Students all over from different schools rush to me for tuition in mathematics because it became obvious you would have no regrets when you receive lectures from me. Students in and around my environments started giving me names like, Doc, Prof, sharpbrae (meaning sharp brain) and that is ID am using for my email address.


Students all over, started recommending me to their proprietors in their various schools for an appointment to teach. In my community, we have two universities around and students invite me to assist them in some of their mathematics courses. I grabbed this opportunity to help them and that eventually made me decide to or fulfill my dream to pursue my doctorate degree.


Before then, due to the number of students who rush into the institution I was lecturing, made the authorities in the school promote me from lecturer to academic headmaster. Even with that I was still lecturing because I had the dream of assisting students in my environment in mathematics. For some years now, I had been the principal of the school. Parents, adults and concern people in my environment encourage me to start my personal institution which I did. Now, my institution is one of the best schools in the environment and admits more students, and also gives scholarship to the poor but intelligent students to educate them.


In short, my teaching has a very significant, life long impact on all students in my community. This impact involves not only the teaching of mathematics, but as importantly, the developing of students self esteem which was also the thesis I wrote in my masters program. I have never minimize the part I played in influencing students lives which creates qualities of a charismatic adults and not only touches their minds but also their spirits. These influences are rare in my community and its been prize and appreciated.











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