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Tamuka Maziriri, Doctor of Finance - March-10-2013
What is important from a university is quality education and that is w

Experience at AIU



At first I thought I would spend years and years, but it turned out to be something. AIU allowed me to study at my own time and pace. The secret behind AIU is simple. Self-discipline is important to succeed at AIU. I made sure that I would submit at least one assignment every month and reading was part of me. At a Doctorate level, we were taught self-discipline and real application of knowledge. To apply knowledge means thinking outside the box all the time and relating whatever you learn. I found it quite interesting when I related it to my own environment.


Some of the books that really helped me to understand the world around me include Fractal Time by Gregg Braden, Social Business, The Divine Matrix, What The Bleep Do You Know, The Next Global World and in fact, my programme required me to do four compulsory essay's based on the books, but in my case, I enjoyed every process and ended up doing all the books including the Hidden Connections. It was worth reading all of them. Excelling was my desire, so I always made sure that I went a little bit further ahead of the normal expectations of my Academic Advisors and graduating with a Cum Laude was my desire and I am hoping to receive one because I feel, like what one of my Academic Advisors said, “I am proud of you and I expect good work from you.” This became another push for me and in an effort not to disappoint my Academic Advisor, I had to do it the way he wanted and indeed, am sure he is very very proud of me.


To conclude my experience, let me say, AIU is a very good university that I am not ashamed of. For me I have not been worried about its accreditation status, which of course means nothing to me and after all, it is a voluntary process, one can always make a choice to seek accreditation or not. What is important from a university is quality education and that is what you get from AIU. It mentors you to reach your goals and no wonder why AIU has produced two (2) National Presidents in Africa, all currently serving and are even proud of it. In my country, Zimbabwe, I know 2 well-respectable persons and am already following their footsteps.


Like what Gregg Braden said in his book, “The Fractal Time”, history always repeats itself and if it is to repeat in Africa again, I am going to be one of the lucky persons to be nominated for yet another high post and of course I am currently serving as the President of the Institute of Certified Tax Accountants which is a well-respectable professional body of tax accountants in Zimbabwe with recognition at national level.


Keep it up AIU and we are in full support of you and we will serve any assignments that you may ask us to perform!





Tamuka Maziriri

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