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Ifegwu Onwuka Okenwa, Master of Project Management - June-30-2013
Through this course, I have come grasp what it takes to be a Project M

I wondered how I was going to make it without a proper lecturing in which one could ask questions for better explanations on some unclear issues. I never know that things will be so simplified and made easy for a speedy transformation into a confident Project Manager. Just starting from the bit by bit moves, I was already neck-deep into research. I was able to comb out what I wanted following the guidelines. Now, I feel like continuing for a higher level of Project Management Program, if I could get the finance to fund it. Now I can confidently say:   

Project has been defined as a scheme or a specific and timed undertaking which requires carefully planned design and concerted effort for realization of objectives.

Construction in civil works, road engineering, is an aspect of project activity which I have been involved in. So I have the great desire to participate and see how realistic project implementation will give the required effect in development and help to achieve the expected result in societal transformation.

It is now very clear that Project Management has to do with planning, managing and delivering qualitative projects on time and within the budget. It involves planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. Managers are constantly making forecasts and decisions on how to better allocate resources on properly planned projects that will help to achieve the deliverables on good set targets. They assign responsibilities and attain successes in order to profitably, with good initiatives, save time, minimize waste and stay on top of the process of production, construction or service delivery. It is proper project planning that helps to set good targets for deliverables, assign responsibilities and attain successes; and, it is with strategic planning which involves project breakdown - task by task - and proper budgeting that makes for accurate estimates and proposals.

 However, there are constraints of scope, time, quality and budget associated with projects management.

With adequate knowledge, in a specialized field, one can effectively be in control, when the square pegs are actually put in the square holes.

There are so many projects before us. Administration should not only end in knowing or dwelling on how to allocate funds and monitor the spending; proper planning done on time and management of persons who use the fund and other resources to execute the project successfully are equally essential. The best way to go about these and achieve result or have a good success is very important. 

Through this course, I have come grasp what it takes to be a Project Manager. I will be happy to effectively contribute to the execution of successful and enduring projects to bring about true development and improved standard of living using the rich knowledge of Project Management.

- Ifegwu O. Okenwa.

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