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Crispus Nguraru Mwamidi, Bachelor's in Hospitality and Tourism Management - August-25-2013
My learning experience is a true manifest of the vision of the Univers

Today I’m an extremely happy and humbled person for having made a life time decision of pursuing an online bachelor’s of hospitality and tourism management programme with the Atlantic International University through andragogy learning. For very many years I had tried to source for a suitable university world wide to pursue my on-line Bachelor’s degree course without success due to my work schedule. Thanks to the Almighty God and the persistence persuasion of Mr. Jaime M.Rotlewicz (Dean of admissions).


My learning experience is a true manifest of the vision of the University (” The empowerment of the individual through self-learning to achieve the joint evolution of the world, through a holistic and tenable educational design, based on andragogy’). Through the Atlantic International University, I’ve leaned to be artistic and indeed very creative in many ways. My hospitality and tourism management course has given me more confidence, technical knowledge and personal belief in my abilities. As a student of Atlantic International university, I’ve learned be original in all my assignments and adhere to the moral ethics of originality instead of plagiarism. This is a true reflection of the curriculum I developed for my Bachelor of Arts degree programme in Hospitality and Tourism Management .There is no doubt that this type of learning is the best because of personal creativity, originality and above all the bringing out of real life experience in a student.


The quality of tutorial education, professional guidance, learning experience and personal commitment has been splendid. The type of learning being offered at the AIU is second to none. I easily combined learning with my daily management tasks at my work place without any inconveniences whatsoever. It has been absolute flexible and friendly way of pursuing an online learning! I’m very confident that the quality of education based of the degree and the major (Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism management) that I undertook at AIU will take me to greater heights in terms of my career growth in the hospitality and tourism industry. I have already recommended the same to my family members, friends and work colleagues. I’m happy because one of my friends (Mr. Johannes Achola Odhiambo) and a workmate (Thomas Omulo) heeded my advice and are now pursuing different degree courses at the Atlantic International University.


Finally, it would be inappropriate not to thank all the people who made it possible for me. I would therefore like to thank my academic advisors (Mr.Franklin Valcin and Ms. Linda Collazo) and all my tutors (Ms.Nadia Bailey, Ms.Jessica Lopez, Mr.Edward Lambert and Ms. Ofelia Hernandez) for the professional assistance and guidance they offered to me during my studies. I’m also indebted to my beloved family for their patience, understanding and moral support during the period of study. Thank you all and God Bless AIU for the excellent work.

Crispus Nguraru Mwamidi

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