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Tshepang Mokwenaotsile, Bachelor of Accounting - 08/19/2022
AIU according to me is one of the best online schools I know.... View More

Michael Tracey, Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management - 08/18/2022
I've learned and discovered things about myself thanks to AIU.... View More

Nathan Kashimu Changwe, Bachelor of Business Administration - 08/16/2022
My experience at Atlantic International University (AIU) thus far has .... View More

Femi Owolabi, Bachelor of Business Administration - 08/09/2022
My experience with Atlantic International University (AIU) was inspiri.... View More

Sulayman Darboe, Bachelor of Psychology - 08/04/2022
I am pleased to write this letter to share the experience I have at At.... View More

Mark Carpenter, Bachelor of Holistic Education - 08/01/2022
I believe that one of the major strengths of A.I.U. is their amazing o.... View More

Guei Ounleu Gerard, Master of International Relations - 07/22/2022
The distance learning orgaized by AIU, are really help I and my family.... View More

Said Abdillaahi, Bachelor of Public Administration - 07/21/2022
I must admit that my daily life routine has been transformed for the b.... View More

Gyanesh Kumar, Doctor of Business Administration - 07/20/2022
AIU has given me an opportunity to learn a very basic and fundamental .... View More

Ifeanyi Eddy Okoh, Master of Engineering Management - 07/15/2022
I have learnt and improved on self-research and how the working on res.... View More

Cristine Rybnikar, Bachelor of Zoology - 07/14/2022
I am pleased to say that I completed my BSc with a GPA that achieved C.... View More

Onah Hyacinth Onyebuchi, Doctor of Business Administration - 07/05/2022
The learning process is outstanding.... View More

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Doctor of Enviromental Engineering - 06/29/2022
completing my PhD degree is self-satisfactory and self-accomplishment .... View More

Ericka Martinez, Doctor of Psychology & Grief - 06/27/2022
Thanks to all my professors and advisors, thanks all AIU personnel. .... View More

Phyllis Ogah, Doctor of Nutrition - 06/24/2022
My experience at AIU was fulfilling and enriching and greatly rewardin.... View More

Daniels Ochieng, Bachelor of Information Technology - 06/21/2022
One of the best things that makes the university life very interesting.... View More

Calvin Maguu, Bachelor of Education - 06/15/2022
The journey was great and enjoyable, looking at the progress I was mak.... View More

Karen Steffen Beltrão de Oliveira, Bachelor of Marketing - 06/14/2022
AIU was the perfect structure for me when I started to study..... View More

Mohammed Gaas, Bachelor of Communications - 06/09/2022
AIU has values that make it stand tall and has no comparison on online.... View More

Stephen Okello, Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and Management - 06/07/2022
I look forward to further my academic and professional development goa.... View More

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