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Victor Caxton Odadah, Bachelor of Business Administration and Management - 10/19/2020
My experience during my studies at Atlantic International University h.... View More

Telesia Musili, Master of Bioethics - 10/13/2020
Studying at Atlantic International University (here after, AIU) was th.... View More

Lavile Guilavogui, Doctor of Project Management - 09/30/2020
It has been a great opportunity offered to me to complete a great mile.... View More

Tilahun Zaga, Bachelor of Auto Mechanics - 09/23/2020
Now the hardship has gone, soon I earn my degree of Mechanical Enginee.... View More

Alexis Makoko Lesesa, Bachelor of Indutrial Psychology - 09/16/2020
It was when I started working with AIU where I gained proficiency in w.... View More

Bernard Agyemang - Duah, Master of Business Administration - 09/09/2020
Having a degree at AIU is very interesting, educative, practical and p.... View More

Shawn Jagnandan, Master of Mathematics - 09/01/2020
My overall experience at the Atlantic International University (AIU) h.... View More

Pindua Rev. George A, Post- Doctorate of Human Resources - 08/24/2020
The course also helped me to understand the procedures for solving the.... View More

Michael Ogunfowora, Master of Strategic Management and Leadership - 08/17/2020
I had a unique experience of studying at Atlantic International Univer.... View More

Orinthia Fisher-Howe, Doctor of Strategic Management - 08/17/2020
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with AIU as it afforded me the oppo.... View More

Gerard Boucher, Doctorate of Counseling - 08/03/2020
I am a blind person who had difficulty/dilemma finding a University t.... View More

Brooks Gibbs, Master of Psychology - 07/08/2020
My experience as a student at Atlantic International University has be.... View More

Lufutu Calemba Mida, Doctor of Marketing - 07/03/2020
This is a great joy and I thank God to make available the AIU, I have .... View More

Severin Mbuyu Ngoie Munga, Bachelor of Busines Administration - 06/24/2020
The Atlantic International University was the first big opportunity I .... View More

Gabriel Kabanda, Post-Doctorate of Computer Science - 06/05/2020
I write this experience letter full of gratitude and satisfaction to s.... View More

Chidiebere Nwokocha, Master of Public Health - 05/15/2020
You need to understand how much I cherished the opportunity given to m.... View More

Janet Angella Dyer, Doctor of Leadership & Strategic Planning - 05/13/2020
My experience at the Atlantic International University was one that ga.... View More

Henry Omar, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - 04/27/2020
My experience at Atlantic International University is one which I will.... View More

Diego Leonardo Pennisi, Bachelor of Psychology - 04/14/2020
Me dirijo a Uds con el fin de agradecerles a cada uno por el tiempo y .... View More

Haggai Cooper, Bachelor of Information Technology - 04/14/2020
It has always been my dream to pursue college education since I obtain.... View More

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