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Bachelor of Architecture at AIU

AIU’s goal is to inspire its students to define their purpose in life, mission, and legacy while integrating the 17 UNESCO 2030 goals. We seek the evolution of each student through their program at AIU, which serves as a bridge that allows them to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. AIU offers Postgraduate and Graduate distance learning degree programs.

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With students in over 180 countries, Atlantic International University's educational system adapts to the diversity of its students through an open curriculum design.

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Core Courses and Topics in Architecture

  • Mathematics for Engineers
  • Modern Architecture
  • World History of Architecture
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Environment
  • AutoCAD for Architecture
  • Basic Drawing
  • Modeling and Visual Displays
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Strength of Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Project Management
  • Architecture Design
  • Engineering Economic Analysis
  • Environmental Design: Green Buildings
  • Building Systems
  • Concrete Structures
  • Stone Architecture
  • Construction
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering
  • Interior Design Budgeting
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Virtual Campus

We provide you with many tools to ensure your success. Most important of all, every AIU student is assigned a tutor and an academic advisor. Once you login to the student section of your AIU Virtual Campus, communications and assignments can be send directly to your tutor and academic advisor for any question you may have. They will respond within 24-48 hours. 24/7 access to Distance learning: Complete assignments online or offline for your convenience. Step by Step guides including video, explanation and example for each course. All materials can be access on all web browsers including Mozilla, Firefox and Google Chrome. Direct interaction with all aspects of the university including advisor and tutor. Access to hundreds of new online courses which you can select from.

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AIU is working on the UN's sustainable development goals by 2030.

AIU focuses on the empowerment of its student towards the convergence of the world’s sustainable development. At AIU, we know each student is unique and unrepeatable and capable or improving the world where we live. We have thousands of resources available to our students in order to support each one to achieve these UN 2030 goals in their communities, countries, and on a global scale. AIU has been working to improve our world every day by supporting our students since 1998. AIU is proud of its +6,000 Alumni from over 160 countries.

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Proud AIU's Alumni have worked at:

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Student Testimonials

  • During the course I found them to be flexible and understanding as I like the idea of a personalize curriculum that helps the student choose for himself the area he wants to venture into. The academic work is less stressful but full of content and resources for referencing. I found the library very accessible and the staff very humble and hospitable Words cannot express the way I feel about the achievement.

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    Buba Khan – Master of Community Development
  • [...] It is worth mentioning that the experience I gained from AIU equipped me with vast knowledge on how to work in diverse situations and with people from various religious and cultural backgrounds. In addition to that, it placed me in a better position to advice on issues at the higher level of strategic management; training at all levels, and to provide guidance and supervision. Therefore, I will continue to uphold the value of AIU and recommend others to continue their studies at this University.

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    Theophilia Shaanika – Doctor of Public Administration
  • I learnt my lessons from that time. In short, Plagiarism is not accepted at AIU. Since that time, I have learnt to do every assignment by myself and own way. That experience alone brought out the CAN DO spirit in me. Now I see myself a refined individual who is able to take up challenges – thanks to AIU. Along the way, I lost my job and so could not pay my tuition balance to graduate. I was heartbroken! I kept asking myself if I was going to throw away what I started, but thank God I managed to pull some funds to complete payment.

    . . .
    Lucy Turkson – Bechelor in Business Administration

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