All degree programs are designed for working adults. After evaluating both academic records and Life Experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors, establishes the studentís Academic Status. The studentís Academic Status defines the number of Credit Hours the University will grant towards the selected degree program.

   Bachelor's Program
  Master's Program
Doctorate Program



  Bachelor Master Doctorate
Accounting BS MS Ph.D.
Administrative and Secretarial Services BPA, BPS    
Adult Education B. Ed. M.Ed. Ed.D.
Advertising BA MA  
African-American Studies BA MA  
Agriculture BS MS  
American (US) History BA MA Ph.D.
American Literature BA MA Ph.D.
American Studies BA MA  
Architecture BA MA Ph.D.
Area, Ethnic and Cultural Studies BA MA Ph.D.
Art History BA MA Ph.D.
Asian Languages and Literatures BA MA Ph.D.
Asian Studies BA MA  
Biological and Life Sciences BS MS D.Sc.
Biology BS MS D.Sc.
Business Administration BBA,BSBA MBA,MSBA,MPA D.B.A.
Business Management BA MA, MBM D.B.M.
Chemical Engineering BS MS D.Sc.
Chemistry BS MS D.Sc.
Civil Engineering BS MS D.Sc.
Communications BS MS D.Sc.
Community Health Services BS MS  
Comparative Literature BA MA Ph.D.
Computer Engineering BS MS D.Sc.
Computer Science BS MS D.Sc.
Conservation and Natural Resources BS, BES MS  
Continuing Education B. Ed. M.Ed.  
Criminal Justice BA, BS, BCJ MA, MS, MCJ Ph.D.
Criminology BS MS D.Sc.
Curriculum and Instruction   M.Ed.  
Design BA MA  
Drama and Theater BA MA  
Ecology BS MS D.Sc.
Economics BS MS Ph.D.
E-commerce BS MS  
Education   M.Ed., M.Ed.Tech, MS Ed.D., D.Sc.
Electrical Engineering BS, BSEE,BSET MS, MEE D.Sc.
Engineering BS MS D.Sc.
Engineering/Industrial Management   ME,MIE,MISE  
English BA MA Ph.D.
English As Second Language ESL BA ESL MA Ph.D.
English Composition BA MA Ph.D.
English Language and Literature BA MA Ph.D.
English Literature BA MA Ph.D.
Environmental Health BS MS  
European History BA MA  
European Language and Literature BA MA Ph.D.
Family and Marriage Counseling BA MA  
Finance BS MS  
Fine Arts BA MA, MFA Ph.D.
Foods and Nutrition Studies BS MS D.Sc.
Geography BS MS D.Sc.
Geology BS MS D.Sc.
Health and Physical Education/Fitness     D.Sc.
Health Professions and Related Sciences   MS D.Sc.
Health Science   MS D.Sc.
Health Services Administration   MS D.Sc.
History BA MA Ph.D.
Home Economics and Family Studies BA MA Ph.D.
Human Resources Management (B.S.) BS MHRD Ph.D.
Hospitality Services Management BTHM MHM  
Industrial Engineering BS MS,MIE,MISE D.Sc.
Information Technologies Science BS MS, MIT D.Sc.
Interior Design BA MA  
International Affairs BA MA Ph.D.
International Business BS MS, MIMLA DBA
International Relations BS MS D.Sc.
Japanese Language and Literature     Ph.D.
Journalism BA MA  
Latin American Studies BA MA  
Legal Studies BA MA Ph.D.
Literature and Language BA MA Ph.D.
Management Information Systems BS MS, MSIS D.Sc.
Marketing BS MS, MBA, MPA  
Mathematics BS MS D.Sc., Ph.D
Mechanical Engineering BS MS D.Sc
Medical Engineering   MS  
Music BA MA  
Organizational Behavior Studies BS MS D.Sc.
Philosophy BA MA Ph.D.
Philosophy and Religion BA MA, MAPS, MAR, MSJS D.J.S., Ph.D.
Photography BA MA  
Physical Sciences BS MS Ph.D.
Physiotherapy   MS  
Physics BS MS D.Sc., Ph.D
Physiotherapy BS MS D.Sc.
Political Science BA, BS MA, MS D.Sc., Ph.D
Psychology BA MA Ph.D.
Public Administration BA MA Ph.D.
Public Health   MS D.Sc.
Public Relations BS MS  
Radio and Television Broadcasting BA MA  
Religious Studies   MAPS, MAR, MM, MRS, MSJS DJS, Ph.D
Social Sciences BS MS D.Sc.
Sociology   MA, MS D.Sc., Ph.D
Spanish Language and Literature BA MA Ph.D.
Technical Writing BA MA Ph.D.
Telecommunications BS MS, M.TEL. D.Sc.
Theological Studies BA MA, MAPS, MM, MSJS DJS, Ph.D
Theology BA MA Ph.D.
Visual and Performing Arts BA MA  
Women's Studies   MA