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The University provides its students with a wealth of research material just a click or search away. With access to a worldwide catalog created and maintained collectively by more than 9,000 member institutions AIU students are assured an excellent research tool for their study programs.

The AIU Online Library gives users instant online access to more than 108 million records in 470 languages from 112 counties. The Library Resources include 29,000 books in electronic format and over 15.9 million full text journals, articles, and periodicals. The AIU online Library holdings are constantly being updated. A new record is added very 10 seconds ensuring the research material available is at the cutting edge and keeping up our rapidly changing world. The resources span thousands of years and nearly every form of human expression. Records exist for everything from stone tablets to electronic books, wax recordings to MP3s, DVDs

and Web sites. Whether an item is physical or digitally preserved, popular or one-of-a-kind, the integrity of its record is maintained by the input of cataloging members. Users will discover that many records are enriched with cover art, tables of contents, reviews, excerpts and other descriptive information. Records typically have library holdings information attached. Users can quickly evaluate relevance, decide if it's the correct resource and see where they can access it.

In addition to records, the AIU Online Library offers seamless electronic access to dozens of databases and more than 15.9 million full-text and full-image articles. Over 60 databases bring 2393 periodicals in full text to your fingertips to ensure you will find the information you need for your research project or assignment.

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