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AIU graduate’s mother received an Exemplary Mother Award… - November-5-2018
We want to congratulate Dr. Siva’s mother for the special recognition she has received…


We want to congratulate Sivarajasingam Mahendran’s mother for the special recognition she has received. Dr. Siva’s mother was conferred a special recognition award for being an exemplary mother by the President of Singapore, Her Excellency, Mdm Halimah and Jamiyah Singapore (a not for profit self-help Muslim group). The news has appeared in their local Straits Times newspaper. 


His mother was the main motivating factor to complete his Doctoral studies at AIU and she always exhorted him and his siblings to keep on learning for life and climbing the ladder of success. She has always been their best motivator and nurtured them through the years after his (late)father passed on, since 1985. 


The Exemplary Mother Award honours mother, regardless of race or religion, for their dedication in making a difference to their family and community. The chosen Exemplary Mother will have her name inscribed on the Presidential Shield that goes for 12 rounds each.


Dr. Siva wrote a poem in recognition of her dedication and motherly love in their upbringing and education. You can find the poem below:



Our dearest Ammah

Our mother dearest

Having little or no rest

Throughout our growing years

With her blood, sweat and tears

Nurtured us in a strict but caring manner

Even after the departure of our dear (late)father

A great man he was indeed

Never failing to fulfil our every need

Like mum, Appu made us stronger

Through his own humbly steadfast demeanour

After him, Ammah continued in his fervour

In our upbringing to savour

Little by little over time we toiled

Through thick and thin we solved

Mounting debts and mundane problems 

Gradually through most of our growing years

Ammah, you had weathered many a storm in life

Beloved late Appu’s altruistic and dutiful wife

We have grown much stronger and well educated

Your heartfelt wishes for us have been fulfilled

Being always our guiding light

Giving warmth to us like the sun so bright

Ammah you are always our greatest and dearest!

May you stay divinely blest!

- Dr Siva Mahendran


Sivarajasingam Mahendran completed a Doctorate program of Education at AIU.

We are very proud of you Sivarajasingam and we wish you more success in all of your professional projects.

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