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AIU Graduate has published 2 books with Scholars-Press - June-5-2020
We want to congratulate our graduate for his most recent achievements…


Congratulations to our graduate, Julien Swana Tansha, for his most recent achievement. Julien has published 2 books through Scholars-Press. You can find a link and more information for both books below:


  1. Hydropower Dam Project in Developing Countries Case of Inga DR Congo


    Summary: This book is an exploratory case study of the role of customers and society in the implementation of the Mega Hydropower Dam Projects. The existing literature emphasizes the negative socio-economic impact of such projects around the world. In this book, we discuss the effects of the Inga 1, Inga 2, and the High powerline Inga-Shaba (Katanga) on the customers and the whole Congolese society To inform our research, we used the lean Project management approach and the normative aspect of the stakeholder theory. We collected the data through the reading of previous works and existing documents. A secondary data qualitative method helped us to conduct to analyze the collected data. Following our findings, the needs and expectations of customers and the whole society, potential customers of the National Company of Electricity, were neglected by the persons who decided the initiation and the implementation of the three projects. The meeting of these needs and expectations is very determining for the success of the latter. We conclude by making some propositions to avoid similar errors in the initiation and implementation of the Projects Inga 3 and 4


  2. Impact of Microfinance on Development in Developing Countries Case of Haut-Katanga DR Congo


    Summary: This book is about an exploratory case study of the impact of microfinance on poverty reduction in a developing country. The existing literature is highly divergent about the effectiveness of microfinance as a tool for poverty reduction. This situation shows the need for further research in order to provide a better understanding of the microfinance impact on poverty reduction and the microfinance failure to reach needy people living in remote rural areas. The researcher conducted an online survey with the heads of households recipient and non-recipient of microfinance, living in the Haut-Katanga - D R of Congo. Only forty recipients and twenty non-recipients of microfinance responded to the survey due to the difficulties of access to the internet. A multidimensional approach of measurement of poverty and the “Alkire and Foster index” was used as a method and tool of data analysis. The size of the sample and the restrictions encountered in the study did not permit to make concrete conclusions. Finally, the Author makes some reflections on the findings and the issues that arise in studying microfinance in DRC.


  3. Julien Swana Tansha has completed a Doctorate program in Business Management at Atlantic International University.

    We wish you all the best in all your future projects and congratulate you on all your achievements!


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