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Another published book by our graduate on Amazon - September-15-2020
We want to congratulate our graduate, Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, once again for her latest achievement...


We want to congratulate our graduate once again for her latest achievement. Our student, Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, has published another book called, “MANUAL – GUIDE OF HOW TO IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF EMPLOYEES IN COMPANIES": "Aimed at Entrepreneurs, Micro Entrepreneurs, Small, Medium and Large Companies and Authorities” (Spanish Edition) on Amazon. You can find a summary of the book below:



Why I wrote this Guide to How to Improve Employee Performance in Businesses Guide:


After 30 years of work, related to different companies, I realized that there was a background that could serve other entrepreneurs to take advantage of it, derived from my work experience both in my own company and in other companies. For years I heard that entrepreneurs had many problems caused by the so-called "high turnover of staff", which represented huge expenses.


In addition, they were very frustrated that no attention was paid to training and training that also represented a high cost to companies, but did not finish solving problems. I wondered why and in specific cases I helped resolve several issues successfully. I realized that there was, at first, a clear methodology for training and training employees in specific areas.


There were companies where new employees were told to look and learn to replicate it. This often generated fear and even caused work accidents. I then began to think about how to solve all this and create a certain methodology that would serve everyone. There was a huge lack of lack because the processes were not written and transmitted from head to ear.


Since the processes were not written, they were not standardized, which would have facilitated the fact that no matter who held a certain position, in a process, he could do so without problems. And so in several companies with which I worked things started to improve and work more smoothly implementing my suggestions and recommendations. This was then the path of improvement that was missing and had to be considered.



You can find the published book in Kindle or Paperback version at the following link:



Esther Coronel of Iberkleid has completed a Doctorate program in Business Project Management, Education and Personal Development at Atlantic International University.

We wish you the best in all your future projects and congratulate you on all your achievements!

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