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Illustrating Examples - March-15-2015
This AIU assignment uses the book, Real Essays with Readings

                  Illustrating Examples


Assignment: Develop a 5-10 page essay based on the guidelines below.  Be sure to use MyAIU and its elements to compliment the article.

Bibliography (include at end of essay):


Anker, Susan. Real Essays with Readings with 2009 MLA Update: Writing Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life. Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

This AIU assignment uses the book, Real Essays with Readings. The link to the book is given above. This book teaches how to write essays. You will read different parts of the book to understand how an essay is written. Then you will write a certain kind of essay. The kind of essay for this assignment is Illustrating Examples.


First, read the following pages: These pages give a good foundation for essay writing. (Note - If you completed the previous assignment on Process Analysis, you will see that these are the same readings. You can read them for review.)

  • Chapter 1, pages 1 – 21. (Basics of writing & organizing your schedule)
  • Chapter 2, pages 36 – 41. (Moving from reading to writing)
  • Chapter 3, pages 48 – 52. (Understanding the structure of paragraphs & essays)
  • Chapter 4, pages 62 – 73. (Developing your topic & pre-writing techniques)
  • Chapter 8, 110 – 124. (Writing a draft)
  • Chapter 21, 369 – 374. (Use a list of works cited at the end of your essays.)

Then you will read Chapter 11 for the essay of Illustratration. Then you will write the essay using the knowledge covered in the above readings.


We are always telling our students at AIU to include examples from their personal life and their community to support their essay ideas. This essay assignment requires you to give real examples from your own life experience to support an idea that you develop in an essay. This is a very powerful form of supporting your essay's main point. Examples create a profound impression upon the reader of your essay. If your examples are good, the reader will most likely agree with your ideas. The reader will also better understand why you personally think the way that you do.


Note: A major benefit of including examples from your personal life in an essay is that the essay is more apt to be in your own words. Therefore the text copied from other sources is reduced. The more personal examples that you use, the less you are tempted to copy text from other sources.


The introduction of this essay presents the main idea (main point) that you want to make in your essay. Also the introduction states why you feel this idea is important. And then in the body of the essay, you will develop many examples to support your main idea. The conclusion of the essay talks about how the examples prove and support your main idea.  The conclusion states why you think the examples are appropriate


Some examples of possible topics for the Illustration essay.

  • Natural Medicine is better than Modern Medicine. Give examples from your own life where Natural medicine was more effective.


  • Community organizations really do make the community better. Give examples from your own life where community organizations made your community better.


  • Propose an idea for better transportation system in your community. Give examples of the problems, and then give examples of other systems that work better.


  • Write about the problems of starting a business in your community. Give examples of businesses in your community that struggle. Write about why those businesses struggle. Offer a solution.


  • Which form of statistics is the best? Give examples of different uses of statistics for different applications. Then show why your chosen method of statistics is better.


  • How is the economy of your country improving or not improving? Give specific examples to support your claim.


  • What is the best way to educate children? Give examples to support your idea.


The topic that you choose should be related to your major at AIU.


The essay must be properly formatted with cover page, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography. These are covered in the Chapter 8 reading above. Remember also that essays are double-spaced for AIU.


You will include a proper bibliography at the end of your essay. The reading from Chapter 21 shows how to do bibliography for many different types of sources. Make sure that you include an internet source in your bibliography (see page 372) Also include a bibliography entry for an interview, which could be a conversation with another person. An interview entry is easy. You will see an example of an interview bibliography on page 374. (There are more examples of correct bibliography on page 379.)


If you want to see an example of an essay with correct format as requested by AIU, paste the following url into your web browser:


In summary: Read the pages noted above. Then choose a topic related to your major where you make a point and then use real examples from your life and community to support your point. Follow the Writing Guide: Illustration on pages 183 – 184 to help you. Check off the boxes as you complete each step of the essay.

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