Business Policy & Strategy

Bus Pol 2



1. Why research is important and what research must be constantly done to run a business company profitably.
2. Why VISION and MISSION is the foundation for running a company in a competitive environment
3. Who are the likely stakeholders of a business company and how to optimize their conflicting

interests in the business.
4. The role and importance of ETHICAL behavior on the part of the managers in running a company.
5. HOW in an industry the competition ballgame is played: initiative, responses and counter response.
6. About the increasing role of technology and innovation in creating values for sustaining competitive advantage.
7. The CAPSIM simulation game play will take you to the real world of what is known as playing

competition ballgame (CBG).     8. You will learn how the real business companies in real world

take decisions involving so many variables to compete, win/lose and move further.
9. About the need to periodically evaluate the attractiveness of industries for managing the Risk & Return balance. This is the basis for diversifying a company.
10. About a relatively new and increasingly popular experience of forging some form of collaboration between some like-minded competitors.
11. The increasing importance of global form of business, and the strategies that are pursued to manage global businesses.
12. How important it is to have a system in place: [a] for holding the company managers accountable for doing their jobs; [b] to make sure the company organization structure helps (and not prevents) its managers taking right decisions and right on time; and [c] to ensure that the company managers are also good leaders to inspire their subordinates to perform at their best with at high level of job satisfaction
13. How to hold the senior managers can be motivated and held accountable for their jobs, how to keep the [ company's organization structure updated and how to create and sustain a work environment where ; leadership is a major factor to keep people motivated for achieving high performance.

Course Description:

In the Business Policy and Strategy course all functional disciplines are integrated together in an attempt to look at and comprehend the wholesome business picture. While running a business in COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT, it is expected that senior managers have conceptual and abstract skills to understand the business issues and challenges NOT ONLY in their respective areas of expertise, BUT ALSO, and more importantly, from other functional managers' perspective. The senior mangers are also expected to have an understanding how the company as a whole is evolving over time. The senior managers should have good vision to shape up the company's destiny not just by exploiting the emerging opportunities in the surrounding environment, but also creating its own opportunities. When the market is intensely competitive, the managers must be able to run the company based on their wholesome integrated view of the company. This requires a constant monitoring of the company’s external and internal-organizational environment to aware of the dynamics of the situation. In the environment of intense competition and rapid technological innovation, it is imperative that managers are fully aware of the situation and take appropriate & timely actions to adapt with the changing environment and direct the company responsively and proactively. Remember that there is no substitute for this process.


Lesson 1 Overview of Strategic Management, The Foundations of Strategy Formulation
Lesson 1 Quiz
Lesson 2 The Organizational Audit: Laying the Foundation for the Future
Lesson 2 Quiz
Lesson 3 SWOT Analysis: External and Internal Factors
Lesson 3 Quiz
Lesson 4 Components of Strategy Formulation and Competitive Dynamics
Lesson 4 Quiz
Lesson 5 Global Strategy and Strategic Alliances
Lesson 5 Quiz
Lesson Review
Lesson 6 The Basis of Strategy Execution & Corporate Governance
Lesson 6 Quiz
Lesson 7 Entrepreneurship
Lesson 7 Quiz
Lesson 8 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestiture
Lesson 8 Quiz
Lesson 9 Strategic Leadership, Managing Accelerating Change, & Innovation
Lesson 9 Quiz

Final Exam


  • www.census.gov provides latest census information for the United States. Look at “Business” subheading and explore the “economic census,” “foreign trade” and “more business topics” links.
  • www.census.gov/epcd/www/econ97.html provides economic information about cities and regions in the United States. Just type in the zip code and information is provided for various industries in terms of sales and many other factors.
  • www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html and
  • www.state.gov/www/issues/economic/trade_reports/index.html provide information to help U.S. companies wanting to do business overseas with information about every nation in the world.
  • Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Ireland, and Robert E. Hoskisson,Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization – Concepts, 7th Edition, Thomson South-Western Publishing,
  • 2007. ISBN 0-324-316-941
  • www.quickmba.com

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Course Author
Ms. Evelyn Roman


Professional Summary
Elementary School Teacher with over six years of experience in teaching in a self-contained classroom.  I’ve educated students with multiple learning abilities including second language learners and have produced purposeful lessons and standards-based instruction.  Anecdotal records of students’ behavior and academic needs and achievements were used as a means for driving my teaching.


Professional Experience
Public School 79                                                                                                        Bronx, NY    
Mathematics Coach                                                                                                         2006-Present

  • Initiated professional development for teachers focused on the Everyday Mathematics program and standards based instruction
  • Modeled lessons in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten-Fifth grade
  • Supported teachers with lesson planning and classroom management skills
  • Active participant of academic intervention services


Public School 79                                                                                                        Bronx, NY
Teacher                                                                                                                          2000-2006

  • Responsible for daily lesson planning and organization of the fifth grade curriculum
  • Consistently met formal and informal observations satisfactorily
  • Actively participated in academic intervention programs for extra classroom support for  students in need
  • Maintained strong educational relationships with parents and students throughout the school year


PIUS 12 After School Program at Public School 79                                               Bronx, NY
Teacher                                                                                                                          2003-2005

  • Worked closely with third, fourth, and fifth graders academically by giving them the support they needed for upcoming reading and mathematics exams
  • Responsible for the literacy portion of the program
  • Coached the coed baseball team and encouraged physical fitness

Evelyn Roman                                                                                                                         Page 2

Seventh Avenue Mennonite Head Start                                                     New York, NY
Head Teacher                                                                                                     1999-2000

  • Referred special needs children for evaluation, including speech and auditory impairments
  • Accountable for two pre-kindergarten classes on a daily basis, which included children ages 3-4
  • Executed daily lesson plans incorporating the learning through play curriculum

Lehman College, C.U.N.Y.                                                                          Bronx, NY
Major: Elementary Education, MA                                                                 May 2004

  • Relevant Coursework- Family school and the community, Child study and development and Curriculum development
  • Obtained New York State & New York City permanent certifications for grades N-6

Lehman College, C.U.N.Y.                                                                          Bronx, NY
Major: Psychology, BA                 Minor: Education                                                   May 2000

  • Relevant Coursework- Child psychology, educational psychology, math and literacy methods courses
  • Obtained New York State and City provisional licenses to teach N-6


Skills & Licenses
Fluent in Spanish.  Experienced with all Windows operating systems (98, 2000, NT, ME and XP), Excel, QuickBooks,  MAC Appleworks, Word, and Word Perfect.

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